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Favorite scenes in Pulp fiction


I will have to say:

The end scene at the diner


youre in deep trouble young man




I want to know too


The whole film is my favourite scene…Well, every scene except the ones with fabian in them! she annoys me so much! and I dont know why?


Because there is already this topic:

…but then again, that one is called Favorite STORY, and this one is Favorite SCENE.

I thought Seb and CPS were gonna spank you


“what country u from?”


“what aint no country i ever heard of, they speak english in what?”


“say what again. SAY WHAT AGAIN! i dare u, i double dare u mother f*cker! say what one more god damned time!!”


So he stuck it… up his ass…


I love when mia and vince comes home to mias house late at night, mia puts on the music and dancing alone. I also love vinces conversation with himself at the toilet.


Jimmy’s house is off tha muthafuckin heezy my neezy