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Favorite Kill Bill Quote(s)


But seriously

"And when I get to my destination I am gonna kill bill."

My version

"I am gonna kill bill… (holds out her hand doing the piece signal) Volume 2.)


This is my favorite quote:



son #1 “this tall glass of cock sucker, ain’t dead”

“bitch you don’t have a future”

“you really didn’t think it was gonna be that easy did you.” / “You know for a second there, ya i did”

“why daddy were u a bad daddy” / “i was a real bad daddy”

“your dead mommy, so die”

“bill its your baby”


BEATRIX:“You and I have unfinished business.” BILL:"Baby, you ain’t kiddin’ " SFX: MINT! ZAP! POW! KABLAMO!


“She must suffer to her last breath.”


“This is for breaking my brother’s heart”

“I dont dodge guilt and I dont jew my way of my commupence”

“Bitch, You Don’t Have A Future”

“Tear The Bitch Apart”

“I win”


“You know I’ve always liked that word ‘gargantuan’… I so rarely have an opportunity to use it in a sentence.”


this and any other discussions about quotes in Tarantino films is testament to how great the writing is (although a lot of Kill Bill appears in other stuff)

there are so many great quotes that to most people go unnoticed. When i quote really good lines in Tarantino’s films a lot of people dont remember them cause they are minor lines, not the most memorable ones, but ones that i love.

for kill bill though, i like: “silly rabbit…trix are for kids.” and “warm sake…very good!” (cause Sonny Chiba said it so good!

But there are so many great lines, most said here.


Any line spoken by Bill or Budd


"The motives of the monk remain unknown. What are known… are the consequences.


Well, it’s not really a quote. I particularly like when Johnny Mo runs onto the dance floor and screams…lol.


No, it wasn’t really 88 of them, they just call themselves The Crazy 88.

I collect your fucking head


Kill Bill is the best movie ever!