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Favorite DVD Company

Who is your favorite DVD Company

  • Criterion
  • Blue Underground
  • Anacher Bay
  • Synapse Films
  • Other

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Myself I have Thriller from Synapse, but I see a dozen movies from blue underground and Criterion I would like to have

Criterion…I am just a sucker for them…


Criterion…I am just a sucker for them…

whats so special about em? besides the fact they have the best covers?

I don’t own any so I wouldnt know

all the extras and they only release really great films

I keep hearing the picture is bad on the Criterion dvds is that true?

Old Criterions are crap by todays standards. Good extras, though. Much better versions exist. Most new releases are great.

My favourite company would be HK Video for bringing us remastered and original language versions of such films as Fist of Legend, Tai Chi Master, Drunken Master (the only fully cantonese version available), The Blade, Just Heroes (Woo), Shangai Blues, Wicked Priest, Sister Street Fighter, Seijun Suzuki films (that beat the shit out of the Criterions), Hideo Gosha films, Early Tsui Hark stuff (We’re Going to Eat You, Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind) and much, much more.

I’ve also been extremely impressed by Panic House’s pink releases. I’m not sure if their other releases are that good, though. Other companies worth a mention: Studio Canal, Wild Side Video, TF1, Norman’s Nose, and Criterion despite their shotcomings.

Non-widescreen transfers aside, Something Weird Video is starting to become my most favorite. 8)

Lions Gate Films

[quote=“Hung Fist”]
Studio Canal, Wild Side Video, TF1.

Great 2 French companies. There are good and mostly Studio Canal. Concerning WSV, it’s of course really great. I don’t own any Criterion, but they sure have beautiful covers.

I think Grindhouse Releasing is awesome when they put out titles. They really do a great job. That Cannibal Holocaust 25th Anniversary Edition was the shit. I also love their release of The Beyond. Looking forward to more cool titles from them.

Other DVD companies I like alot: Shriek Show, No Shame Films, Severin Films, Blue Underground, Synapse Films, Dark Sky Films, Subversive Cinema, Celestial Pictures (awesome Region 3 Shaw Brothers Kung Fu).

Something Weird Video has alot of good titles but some of them are DVD-R so I dont know if I would buy from them or not.

BTW Grindhouse Is releasing Canniabal Ferox October 31st.

They must be re-releasing it. They put it out on DVD a couple years ago.

Yeah I think Its a re-release.

Yeah, the previous release of FEROX has been discontinued. Wonder what they’ll add to this one? You gotta hear John Morghan’s commentary on that!

I missed the original release. Hopefully, this new one will have some other features included. W

Severin Films

Never heard of 'em. What do they got?

Another added vote for Celestial. I just COULD NOT BELIEVE how perfect the picture-presentations are on these discs.

Severin Films call themselves the “Criterion of Smut”. They’re brand new, so they’ve only released around 5 titles. Stuff like Felicity, Gwendoline and Jess Franco’s Macumba Sexual and Mansion of the Living Dead. If you like classic 70s/80s cult erotica, they’re a label to look out for.

Lately I have been buying more synapse films(Long Weekend and A Better Place) and they are easily one of my favorite dvd companies at the moment.

I just got a 3 DVD Sonny Chiba box set from Ronin Entertainment. Theyve been putting out some really good Japanese cult titles.