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Favorite Drummers of All Time

Max Roach

Elvin jones

Jo Jones

Philly Joe Jones

Terry Bozzio

Alex van Halen

Max Weinberg! hehehehehe

damn…i was gonna say that

Too late! I read your mind…no…not really.

A funny thing happened to me the other day, there was a drumkit so I said to myself “Im gonna have a go” To my suprise, I could actually play them. I must have a good sense of rhythm amd hand-eye coordination. Maybe I should take up playing the drums.

Techniqually anyone can play the drums…but very few people can play the drums WELL!


Tony McCarrol

Andy Strachan

Ed Graham

I dont know if I have any favourite drummers. Im bad with names.

he he Lars Ulrich - Metallica

But I mean the Lars Ulrich from Master of Puppets or Ride the Lightning not from St. Anger.

Why was the damn snare drum so fucking ringy? put some fucking tape on it!

Hell yeah!

Dave Grohl.

Also has the best teeth in rock!! :smiley:

what has 5 arms and likes oral sex?

you, me, and the drummer from motley crue . . .

Dave weckl

Mike Portnoy

Zoltan Czorz

Dennis Chambers

i am a drummer myself, and these guys are among the best in the world. All drummers mentioned are part of my faveourite bands of all time, Dave Weckl band, Dream Theater, The Flower Kings, and Steely Dan.

-Roger Taylor

-Lars Ulrich

Alex Van Halen

John Henry Bonham (Led Zeppelin) - RIP

this guy was the shit :-/

Lars Ulrich

Charlie Watts (early stuff)

John Densmore

Don’t know names.

Black Sabbath

Violent Femmes

Drummer from “The Who”

Drummer from “The Who”

Kieth Moon… my favourite too. :slight_smile:

joey jordinson from slipknot is the shit