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Favorite Behind-The-Scenes photos

Do you got any? Here’s some of my favorites:

George and Mark at the start of an odyssey

Herzog and Kinski playing around…Or are they?

Bruce kickin’ REAL ass on the set of ENTER THE DRAGON

A scene that was only witnessed by those on the set of Dr. Strangelove

Miike & Eli

On the set of Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid, Director Sam Peckinpah (On life-support) being fed liquor



Miike & Eli



Marilyn Burns being applied tomato sauce as fake blood for the final scenes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Totally love it.

And the getaway scene. Looks so innocent with the crew members and all:

Loving the behind the scenes pics guys. Keep em’ coming!

The Warriors:

Swan looks just like Haeth Ledger. He must be his older brother or something.

Tom Savini and the very first Jason Voorhees

Director Todd Browning surrounded by his "Freaks"

Too bad my screengrab isn’t working. There’s a shot in Scarface that has DePalma and Pacino sitting in front of the “World is Yours” pool which I really love.



Am I the only one who is really creeped out by this pic.

Heres some more Friday 13th pics:



Is that a deleted scene? Halloween goes incest! ;D

(click image for larger picture)