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Favorite Academy Award (The Oscars) Moment?

Talk about it here and post videos if possible!

One of mine that I’ve seen live was when Marty Scorsese won his Oscar. I haven’t seen Quentin’s Oscar speech I think, anybody have a video of it?

my favorite is il maestro (Ennio Morricone) getting his. finally, way over due, oscar. it sucked that clint eastwood pretended to speak italian in such a campy obvious teleprompter way, that was a flawed experience. and celion dion? what the fuck were they thinking? do you think any of us spaghetti western fans like to see our master’s work sung by that c***whre?

anyways -)

No joke, those were my two favorites as well. If you guys hadn’t posted first I would have put down those two moments as my favorites.

I agree that the Celine Dion part was really stupid and annoying. I don’t like her. Her two best songs are only good because they were written by Howard Shore and Jim Steinman. But I think Eastwood was genuinely translating the speech. What makes you think he was reading? His reaction to translate seemed spontaneous. He has to know some Italian after making so many spaghetti westerns.

Steve Martin’s jokes. I don’t give a shit about the actual awards (unless a teenage japanese girl wins the Oscar, then I’ll change my mind ;D)

One of my highlights was in 1999 when De Niro & Scorsese gave the Honorary Award to Elia Kazan.

Roberto Benigni’s wins were really funny.

Roberto Benigni’s wins were really funny.

He’s just so darn lovable!

He’s just so darn lovable!

That’s a great Sam Cooke song

I like that about you Max.

When you like you music, you really like it!

I OD on stuff I like :stuck_out_tongue: