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Fav song from R Dogs?

Well the topic title speaks for its self.

My fav tune from R Dogs is gotta be, Little Green Bag. Think it really fit the scene where the Dogs are all walking along the street in slow mo.

CLOWNS TO THE LEFT OF ME, JOKERS TO THE RIGHT, STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU, STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU… what else? the song kicks ass… and it has a “slicing” effect, everytime you hear it, don’t you think?


Fool for Love… no, just kiddin... okay now its time to get into some serious shit:<br/> <br/> In my opinion Stuck in the Middle... and I Gotcha are best, BUT Little Green Bag is the best of the best! This Tarantino guy can really make some openin...<br/> <br/> <br/> By the way, Coconut is also pretty fuckin good song!

First the Mexican Standoff, then the Coconut… Great!

Little Green Bag

Stuck In The Middle Of You

I really cant make my mind up. Both are really great songs and used wonderfully in the movie.


Yeah. Speaking of which, has anybody heard the song " One More Heartache" by Paul Butterfield Bluesband. When I wrote my script and thinked about the songs I would like to hear in the movie based on that script, this popped in my mind. BUT, it maybe sounds too similar with Little Green Bag.

1.I Gotcha

2.Little Green Bag

3.Stuck in the Middle


5.Magic Carpet Ride


I quite liked ‘Hooked on a feeling’ too, kinda weird that nobody here mentioned it. But my absolute fave is Little Green Bag - yeah !  8)

My vote goes to “Little green bag”.

“Fool for Love” for me…it’s kinda saying a message in that scene about Freddy as he gets his guns, "Your a fool, Freddy. What the fuck are you doin’ getting into this!? Your gonna fucking get shot then DIE!!!"

He’s a fool, then he tries to convince himself he can get through it with the mirror conversation.

My favorite tune in the movie is “Stuck In The Middle”. Its cool the way QT uses such a fun song from the 70s and twists it around into being a torture theme for Mr Blonde. :slight_smile:

Little green bag is the best!

But HOOKED ON A FEELING is pretty damn cool!!


“Little Green Bag” is the best song on the soundtrack. I also like “stuck in the middle” and of course “Magic Carpet Ride”.

LITTLE GREEN BAG always makes me smile. Now, STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU gives me the creeps. Damn you Vic Vega! LIME IN THE COCONUT is pretty sweet but I’d have to say the song that fit the best was I GOTCHA. It’s one of those tracks that fits the scene perfectly. I mean, they’re pushing Marvin for the first part and then the camera moves to Michael Madsen with a roll of duct tape at the moment of “I gotcha” in the lyrics.

One more thing: Is it just me or does JUNGLE BOOGIE from “Pulp Fiction” have a lot more bass in the movie than on the radio?

It’s a scary sight my family has to face often: me walking round the house singing ‘I Gotcha’ at the top of my voice. Heh heh heh The worrying thing is when my Dad tells me he remembers when the song was big in the clubs! :o

Obviously ‘Little Green Bag’ is the ultimate RD theme, and I never get tired of it. I also have a shameful affection for ‘Fool For Love’, though possibly only because it reminds me of Mr. Orange being supercool. ::slight_smile:



Best Opening Song EVER!

i say “stuck in the middle” also.

it’s cool how the tune fades in and out as blonde leaves to get the fuel tank, and his dance during the torture scene is hilarious.

Little Green Bag. That bass pumpin while the Dogs walk down the street, that’s just QT cool right there. Plus it’s fucking hilarious how it’s an upbeat song and everything, then it cuts to Orange screaming and bleeding. Such contrast, it’s so genius.

Ooga chacka ooga ooga ooga chacka ooga ooga ooga chacka ooga ooga

Little Green Bag