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FAQ - Kill Bill Volume 2 Soundtrack Questions

Does anyone know the name of the song that plays right after Beatrix does the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique??

Its some sort of western fanfare…like DA DA DAAAAAAA DA DA DAA DA DA DUH DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

That’d be “The Demise of Barbara and The Return of Joe from Navajo Joe” by Ennio Morricone from Navajo Joe.

Are you related to CPS by any chance?

The greatest music i have ever heard.

When the bride is in the coffin, ready to break out… and she says

Ok pai mei here i come.

Wheres the song from?

The song is “L’Arena” by Ennio Morricone from a great western movie called IL MERCENARIO.

Guys have a look to the list I posted in the wiki page:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … Soundtrack”></LINK_TEXT>


really tryin to figure this out. what is the song that i think begins when the bride is walking up the stairs to pei mei? or is it when shes training… anyways, it was a song when the bride was on the stairs. a really cool beat with a little techno going on. is that the same song as the training scene?

Can anyone tell me the name of the female vocalist who sings with Malcolm McLaren in About Her? I’ve been trying to find an answer to that for the longest time! Thans.

P.S. – I know it’s likely not her, but it sounds like Stevie Nicks to me.

What’s the song in the DVD titles? Silhouettes of Beatrix and Pai Mei, starts with nylon guitar and continues with trumpets.

Can anyone tell me the name of the vocalist (female) who sings with Malcolm McLaren in About Her? Thanks

can anyone tell me the song that plays right after the Palm Exploding Heart Technique??

Hello guys! There´s a very short guitar riff / sequence directly after Budd’s death. Elle has read all her notes regarding the snake and closes her little notebook. Budd does his last breath and unfortunately all youtube scenes end here, but in the movie the following seconds are supported by a extremely cool guitar play, which i absolutely cannot find anywhere. Please help me! Thanks in advance!

Rodriguez did some bespoke stuff for the flick, might be one of these? Can you tell us the minute and seconds u hear it from the BluRay?

hmmm… that would be a pity. Heard so often cool stuff I never found again. :frowning:
I don´t have the blue ray. But I´ll try to make it somehow accessible to you, what I am talking about.

You should have the bluRay :slight_smile:

Got it. 1:12:56 (1h, 12min, 56s), Bill does his last breath, Elle stands up an collects all the money on the floor. This scene is escorted by awesome music. Tell me, whose this is! :wink:

Very sure it´s Ennio Morricone…


Sounds like Robert Rodriguez’ guitar actually

So this means this is no real song, which I can hear completely somewhere?

If it’s just a bit of original score then probably not, as the album doesn’t include much of these

Such a shame… :frowning: Nevertheless - Thank you!

You are welcome, thank you for bringing it up!