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i was given a story by a friend of mine that wants me to write a script for it. They didnt specifi what the genre was but as i was reading the story, I decided to take an explotation film approach to it cuhz its a really funky premise. I’m turning to the folksters if the forum to help me creating this. i was originally just going to buy a shit load of explotation films (coffy, truck turner, X) but i would like to also hear some advice on how to craft the script.

thanks in advance.

I would advise not looking at other films to see how to craft it. Just see what genre it is in then just exploit it the way you want it. It would make it more original that way. Although it wouldn’t hurt to see exploitation movies.

yea but QT basically does the same thing. I love his films but I could pick out shit that came from other movies from left to right.

Tarantino, excluding death proof, Never made an actual exploitation film. I dont consider grind house one, i consider it a homage. He’s asking advice for making an actual exploitation film, not a homage.

exactly, thanks jip for the advice. i think it would be a good idea to just go off my own vision, but sinc ei havent really sat down to watch exploitation flick in a while, i need to be re-energized.