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Exploitation movies question

you seem to know alot about exploitation movies… Yesterday I got the following movies cause they had really cool covers…

  1. Entrails of a Virgin (Asian)
  2. Entrails of a Beautiful Woman (Asian)
  3. Budo The Art of Killing (Asian)
  4. I Spit on your Grave (American)
  5. The Janitor (American)
  6. Strip Nude for your Killer (Italian)

    Do you knw any of these movies? Are they cool exploitation movies?

warming up for Grindhouse!!! lol…

1. Very bizzare movie. Primitive mud monster who invades a nude-model shoot? This movie does have a “wrestling” scene which cracked me up though.

2.Haven’t seen it. But it looks to be a little more sane than the one above.

3.Haven’t seen it (Agreed on the cool-looking cover)

4.I actually think there’s still a topic about this movie somewhere on this forum. I’ll go look.

5.Haven’t seen it

6.Decent giallo. I didn’t mind it. Delivers what you would expect to see in the genre.

I havent seen The Entrails movies or Budo.

I Spit On Your Grave is a low budget Grindhouse masterpiece IMO.

The Janitor SUCKS completely. Its like home video quality shit.

Strip Nude For Your Killer is a pretty good giallo, although I have others I like alot more.

I was reading more about exploitation movies:

And it says on wikipedia, "Shock exploitation films (shock films), are films containing content designed to be particularly shocking to the audience. These type of exploitation films focus content traditionally thought to be particularly taboo for presentation in film, such as extremely realistic graphic violence, graphic rape depictions, simulated zoophilia and depictions of incest. "

Thats just sick who’s gonna watch that shit.Violence and rape is one thing but zoophila and incest.Even the biggest exploitation fan is not gonna watch this shit,man thats so sick.

i’m not the biggest “exploitation” fan but i’ve seen films that contain it and aren’t that shocking, like Island of Death (rubbish) and Le Notti del terrore (great!)

I actually find rape more disturbing to watch

I love exploitation movies! but I’ve only seen a few Exploitation movies(not alot) and the only one that really disturbed me was thriller.

Are these exploitation movies worth a buy?

1.)Fight for your life

2.)Nail Gun Massacre

Thats just sick who’s gonna watch that shit.Violence and rape is one thing but zoophila and incest.Even the biggest exploitation fan is not gonna watch this shit,man thats so sick.

[size=140]To avoid fainting, keep repeating “It’s only a movie…It’s only a movie…”



That has to be one of the best lines in a trailer.If you see a trailer and it says “keep repeating its only a movie…” you have to see that :slight_smile:

I didnt find thriller disturbing at all when it comes to violence and gore!!! however emotionally its really disturbing!!! But seriously one eye should be taught lessons in vengeance from the mastermind ms vengeance! now thats vengeance! N maybe some sword lessons from The Bride!!! I mean what them guys did to her is much worse than what bill done to kiddo or the teacher to ms vengeance (my personal opinion)… her revenge was sooo lame!!! speaking of revenge movies yesterday i watched a quiet impressive exploitation samurai movie called trail of blood!!!

Thriller aka They Call Her One Eye did nothing for me. I love the trailer alot but the movie itself was a boring dud. If you want to see a well made Female Rape-Revenge film check out I Spit On your Grave. It may not have the eyepatch and trenchcoat, but it stll kicks ASS for that genre.

I dont like to watch rape scenes either, for instance in I Spit On Your Grave its repulsing to see the girl get brutally raped like 3 times in a row, but the director actually made this film in reaction to finding a real life rape victim on the street and helping her. Its a rape REVENGE film dont forget. And its not overly misognynistic at all except for the obvious rape scenes which are truly disgusting and brutal. What I love about the film is the way it was created. Its directed so brilliantly by Meir Zarchi and it only has like 5 main actors in it and NO MUSIC!. It takes place around one little area, it has a really creepy atmosphere and some great solid shock moments both on the rapists and the heroine’s side.

Fight For Your Life is a must own if yo u love Grindhouse era Shockploitation movies. Its one of those movies I have to laugh at because its so offensive. -

i love offensive movies… in what way is "fight for your life " offensive? i wanna watch it! is it hard to find?

Fight For your Life should have its own Shockploitastion subgenre called Bigotsploitation!

I dont think Ive ever seen a more outwardly unapologetic hillbilly racist than Jessie Lee Kane in Fight For Your Life. It must’ve been really uncomfortable for the black actors in that film to play those roles. I mean I’m white and it makes me squirm!

You can get it on DVD (from Blue Underground). Just look for it at Amazon or wherever you shop. t

when Im watching a rape/revenge movie I like them not to show the rape like in virgin springs or last house on the left the way did it was very effective.I can watch a rape scene in a movie but its very hard.After I watched thriller for days the scene kept going through my mind,it really messed me up.

havent watched virgin springs? is the rape scene more effective than the one in irreversible? virgin springs is an international movie on criterion right?

Thriller wasnt even like regular rape, she became a fucking hooker pretty much. It didnt have the same effect as I Spit On your Grave where Jennifer Hills is like thrown down and fucked like an animal 3 times in a row until shes just torn apart.

Thriller doesnt give you that seething motivation for revenge. Its just paced and set up terribly. Also the actual FX in it were shit. Those slow mo scenes had me looking at my watch. Even the fake blood squibs sucked! lol. t

I got a plan to buy the movie in the next upcoming months. I read that the lead actor in the movie didnt want to do the commentary for the dvd cause he doesnt want people to know he was in the movie or something like that.

Pete you seen Dead After Dawn(not sure if Exploitation)is it any good?

No I havent seen Dead After Dawn. Not sure about that one. I

rape is the lowest , most immoral, most disturbing, most disgusting thing a person can do! I agree… rape scenes always fuck me up emotionally… However i gotta admit theres only one rape scene in a movie that made me laugh my ass of! Ichi the Killer… Its just so fake and overexagurated in a reallly bizzare way that makes it really funny… takashi miike is genius in making distrubing actions look cool and funny! In thriller ur right about the fact that she became a hooker… but thats the whole point… she didnt got raped physically only… her whole innocence got raped!!! thats so emotionally disturbing… she was so pure, naive and innocent in the begining… They stole her childhood and ripped her innocence apart…

Thriller was disappointing, but the ending was perfect. Saved the movie watching experince.

speaking of revenge movies yesterday i watched a quiet impressive exploitation samurai movie called trail of blood!!!

The first part in the trilogy, continued by ‘The Fearless Avenger’ and ‘Slaughter in the Snow’. Haven’t seen them myself (yet). If you like samurai exploitation you absolutely have to see ‘Lone Wolf and Cub’ series (not 100% exploitation, but strongly influenced at least). Shadow Hunters I&II and Demon Spies (ninjas) are also great.

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