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Exploitation film banners

Heres the spot to post your custom made Exploitation Film banners. Celebrate the glory days of Grindhouse cinema art here.


The Coffee one is really(x 3)cool. I’ll make one from Across 110th street maybe(I just watched it).

Very awesome, Pete

Ah, good to have these back. I remember rockin’ your Hit Man and Warriors sigs. Good job as usual.

Thanks LB! If Seb could allow a bit more sig space it would help. They get all squished and look messed up otherwise.

You can find all the older movie banners I did here:


Nice work Pete 8)

I really wanna see these films now, haha…

Cool banners :smiley:

Lovin’ them!! Keep this thread GOING! 8)

Someone make a Vanishing Point banner I would but there are no good pictures to work with.

I’m gonna be doing some more soon. Ill do a Vanishing Point banner too.

Nice Banner Max! ;D

Friday The 13th countdown banner

Rolling Thunder animated Hook banner