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Exiled (Johnnie To - 2006)

EXILED - the sequel to THE MISSION

just started shooting on Nov. 12. It’s got a big budget (US$5 million; To’s average budget seems to clock in at about US$3 million) and it stars Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, Richie Jen and Nick Cheung.

Here’s the plot description:

“Two gangsters from Hong Kong sent to execute a renegade in Macau are faced off with two former comrades trying to protect him. While the four gangsters are negotiating, a fifth gangster appears out of nowhere and takes the renegade out. A final showdown ensues amongst the five gangsters.�

Nevertheless, I glad THE MISSION got a sequel! I loved that movie!

This is amazing news!!! If it’s directed by Johnny To… is it, anyone know?

Yeah, afaik it will be. Plus I read somewhere that Roy CHeung and Lam Suet will be in it, too!! jumping around with gladness

Johnnie To film makes noise at Venice

Hong Kong director Johnnie To has hammered audiences at the Venice Film Festival with “Exiled”, a noisy, high body-count gangster movie which is competing for a Golden Lion.

To’s action film, about honour among thieves, follows a group of jaded hit-men intent on settling old scores and making a quick buck.

Set in the gambling haven of Macau before the former Portuguese colony’s handover to Chinese rule, it stars Anthony Wong as a hit-man sent to eliminate renegade gang member Wo (Nick Cheung), who is trying to start a new life with his wife and baby.

Intricate fight scenes and tight choreography characterise this blood-spattered epic a la Quentin Tarantino. The painstakingly-shot scenes are reminiscent of the late Sam Peckinpah, who made the bloody “Straw Dogs” and “Cross of Iron”.

“It was very difficult to shoot. I have to thank the actors because they really gave everything,” said the maverick To, whose gangster movie “Election” was a big winner at the Hong Kong movie awards this year.

“I think every director wishes and dreams for the greatest possible freedom,” the director said in Venice when the dust settled after a critics’ screening of his all-action movie.

“My production company has always tried to find its own style to be independent but it is difficult to make a succesful film because you really need to have the resources.”

To’s “Throw Down” was screened in the official competition here in 2004 and his “Breaking News” and “Election” were official selections at Cannes.

To is currently filming “The Sparrow” about four pickpockets.

The film is among 22 vying for the prestigious Golden Lion at the Venice festival, which ends Saturday.

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Interesting and a quite surprising movie. Maybe not as good The Mission, but these movies can’t really be compared. When you see the movie you’ll understand why. Much respect to To for not making a conventional “sequel”. The film is original, although some of the new elements don’t work as well as they should. Action scenes are shot much like in the original, except that they’re a few steps more balletic this time. Maybe a little too balletic, as there’s a few unnecessary “tricks”. Nevertheless, there’s no denying Exiled is a very stylish bloodbath. The soundtrack is rather weak, and lessens the films impact at times.

I think, the “sequel” - point was just for marketing, selling that movie.

The hints are gone, there isn’t any alternative title saying The Mission II anymore and i dunno, where that came from.

The movie is reminiscent to Mission, yes. The same cast, even the same command structure between the figures. And the dynamic in the action scenes.

But it’s worse, coz To doesn’t know when to stop the silly stuff or he doesn’t wanna.

I mean, what is he doing here, trying a modern western or trying a parody of a Western; combining Peckinpah, Leone, Woo and Wong Jing ?

I dunno.

I know, he’s able to direct, to stage-manage a style-fest. That’s Exiled.

Gave it a 7/10

But it’s worse, coz To doesn’t know when to stop the silly stuff or he doesn’t wanna.

I mean, what is he doing here, trying a modern western or trying a parody of a Western; combining Peckinpah, Leone, Woo and Wong Jing ?

I dunno.

[color=red][size=120]HUGE SPOILER WARNING[/size]

[size=80]That’s exactly what I liked about it so much. First I was like “what the hell is this? What’s To doing. What happened to the solid crime/action film he was just directing. Where the hell is he taking us to?”… But then I realized that’s the whole point. My favourite part in the film is the 10 minutes that preceeds the “Gold stealing scene”. It’s totally unexpected, totally off-note. It’s wonderful. Something you would’ve never guessed was coming. And it’s not just a plot twist, the whole movie changes. When Simon Yam finally calls and gets the movie back on tracks… that was a huge let down. I hated that moment.

Some parts don’t work at all, though; Wo waking up in the car, the whole scene with his wife after his death etc.

Watching parts of the film again made me realize that the film actually has another meaning, too. At least I think so. Very weird one, because you can’t understand it on the first viewing. Also, it doesn’t really make sense. Anyway, the whole film is actually about a five mens journey to death. From the very beginning they know they’re going to die at the end. That’s why their journey is so “off-note”. They’ve accepted their fate, and they just want to live a little, without having to think about tomorrow… The way they act makes much more sense if you think it from this point of view. That’s how I’d act if I was in their position. And if I was a director, that’s how I’d make a film about dying men. But like I said, it doesn’t make sense. They can’t possibly (in the beginning) know they were heading towards their death. That doesn’t stop the director from shooting the film that way, though. That’s how I see the film. I wonder if was intentional from To.[/size]

[color=red][size=120]HUGE SPOILER WARNING[/size]

‘I Spit On Your Movie’ reviever seriously liked the film

"To serves up one of the best heroic bloodshed movies ever AND he takes shoot outs to new highs, as if he’s added a new dimension. Amazing cast starring again as the charismatic characters we’ve grown familiar with via “The Mission” embark on another tale about loyalty, all things cool and macho. It might touch on some cliches and its inevitable to be described as a modern day western but its effective mix of fun, subtle humour and shoot outs will have you grinning and leave you buzzing when the end credits roll."


Also, I watched the film again myself and wrote this to another board:

Last time I spent the whole night thinking about whether the film deserves a 3½ or a 4 star rating. Now on the second viewing I managed to enjoy the film a bit more. I think I was being a bit too hard on the films soundtrack on the first time. It works wonderfully at times, but action scenes would benefit from better music. Those scenes are still good, it’s just that they could’ve been near perfect with more fitting music.

[size=140][color=red]HUGE SPOILER WARNING[/size]

[size=80]I think the film is all about 5 men on their journey to death. Wo knows his fate right from the beginning, and once he’s dead, the rest of the guys realize they’ve got no way out alive either. Even if they manged to escape, they’re not sure if they’d rather die than live the rest of their lives hiding. The gold stealing scene is a good example. They didn’t steal it because they though it was their way out. They did it for fun. They even threw coin about it. That shows how little they cared about their lives at that point. That’s why the movie gets so wonderfully off-track after Wo’s death. This part of the film is definitely my favourite.[/size]

[size=140][color=red]END OF HUGE SPOILER[/size]

There’s still some parts I don’t like (many scene’s involving Wo’s wife for example), though. But as a whole, I think it’s a fine piece of cinema.

US remake coming.

This is getting ridiculous.

Trailer for those who aren’t convinced yet:

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Very cool movie! Loved it a lot

Quite decent UK cover:

And while we’re at it:

UK site:

US site:

Strange they would remake a film that they are actually advertising in the U.S.

[quote=“Hung Fist”]
Quite decent UK cover:

And while we’re at it:

UK site:

US site:


nice package !


Johnnie To-helmed crimer “Exiled” has been selected to represent Hong Kong in the foreign language Oscar category.

Selection was announced Monday by the Motion Picture Industry Association.

Pic preemed in Venice 2006 and was widely sold in int’l territories by Media Asia. Magnolia Pictures released it in North America.

MPIA chairman, Crucindo Hung, who said selection was made on a strong majority, said committee felt “Exiled” to be the Hong Kong film with the strongest chances with Academy voters and that it is classic To material.

Although much of the action shifts to neighboring Macau, pic is typical of To, whose movies typify Hong Kong staple of tautly-made underworld actioners.

"I think this time I am even more confident than a few years ago when we represented Hong Kong … with our film ‘Infernal Affairs,’ " said John Chong, CEO of Media Asia, which produced the film together with Milkyway Image.

Exiled (Hong-Kong, 2006)

Let’s face it, there won’t be another “The Killer”. Ever. Thankfully Johnnie To’s “Exiled” is a Prime Example on how Heroic Bloodshed may look like in our new Millennium. In tone and athmosphere almost a Spaghetti Western, it’s still telling a deeply conventional story from indside the Triads-Milleau, but crisp, tight and straightforward enough not to seem pretentious. Seeing a cool bugger like Anthony Wong taking slaps to the face without response, hurt like a bitch, though. Meticulously composed, there there’s hardly a random image to be found; just during action-scenes To seemed a bit too much concerned with stylistic matters (things like perfected light-and-shadow display and Coolness as an end in itself), instead of concentrating on exciting choreographies. Then again, final Stand-Off paid off excellently, and the melodious guitar-soundtrack went right through me. So was it Heroic? Check! Will there be Bloodshed? Check! At least once cheesy depiction of exaggerated Friendship and Nostalgia? Check! So, yeah, it was good.

  • German DVD

I absolutely LOVED this movie! What is the dvd to buy? Or is there one coming I should wait for? All I can get here in The Netherlands is an Asiamania dvd :-</E>

I absolutely LOVED this movie! What is the dvd to buy? Or is there one coming I should wait for? All I can get here in The Netherlands is an Asiamania dvd :-</E>

I don’t think there’s anything ultimate coming.

The HK disc is soft, try picking one of the alternatives:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … =%25&ok=go”></LINK_TEXT>

Thanks man! I hate those asiamania dvds. They look like crap. I think I am gonna go with the UK one :slight_smile: