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Its a short film i did last year. its titled Everything Invaded. Please chk it out n give your comments and feedbak. You dont have to login myspace to watch the film.

The link: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 1558681418”></LINK_TEXT>

Description: James an average person working his way up the corporate ladder and living the American dream until one day when he loses his job. This is the story of his break down, his end. Like a chain reaction one thing leads to another .Wanting to burn out rather than to fade away, with nothing left to lose .He chooses his path on this road that is life .His inner conscious and instincts take over and he decides to go down taking everything with him. His fall so spontaneous and reality seems so much like a dream. But is it?

-Shot on mini dv-cam.

i thought it was an ok film. The story was good, but the dream sequence was too long. I though it would have been stronger if you started his story from when he got fired and showed little by little how he sank into his madness, then let it run into the final scene where he confronts his old boss, I would cut that scene in half, only showing the most important aspects of that scene, then cut to when he wakes up (by the way that was my favorite part of the movie, good effects, camera movement and editing.) Then almost at the end show where he’s in denial of where his life is, then when it hits him that’s he’s fucked, then he goes crazy just like you have it in the movie.

The editing in the movie was cool, some parts of it were a little scetchy, the dialogue was ok, it could have been better. Over all, I give this film an 6 out of 10. Nice effort.