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Errors in Pulp Fiction Chronological wiki

I noticed a couple mistakes in this page but I can’t figure out how to edit.

  1. “It is a hit. There is a third man hiding in the bathroom. He bursts out shooting and miraculously misses hitting Jules and Vincent.”
    There are four men in the apartment. Couch guy, cheeseburger guy, bathroom guy, Marvin.

  2. “Vincent and Jules take Marvin (their man inside) into their car to go to Marcellus Wallaces bar, but Vincent accidentally blows off Marvin’s head”
    I didn’t know Marvin was an inside man. This may be true, but then why was VV pointing a gun at his head in the car? Is this confirmed?

  3. “Jimmie calls Marcellus (his uncle by marriage to the unseen Bonnie). Marcellus summons Wolf (the fixer), and he is dispatched to Jimmie’s house.”
    First, Jules calls Wallace, not Jimmie. Second, I can’t find any proof that Wallace is Jimmie’s uncle. The Wolf calls him uncle Marcellus as a turn of phrase, since he will give him presents like his real uncle Conrad did. Furthermore, Wallace’s line of questions to Jules on the phone makes it clear that he doesn’t know who Bonnie is or how she might react. And if Bonnie was Wallace’s niece I’m sure that’s how Jules would have referred to them instead of introducing Jimmie as an old partner, and Vincent would have been more respectful.

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Hi there. Thanks for pointing it out. I will fix it :slight_smile: Welcome to the forums!