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Elmore Leonard Westerns

Has anyboy read any Elmore Leonard Westerns? If so were they good.

i read 40 lashes less one (the one that Tarantino was rumored to make 10 years ago), Gunsights and uh… what was the other… i dont remember.

great reads

That’s strange nobodies posted here in two years, Elmore Leonard’s westerns are probably second to none when it comes to westerns. I started out reading Forty Lashes Less One because of QT’s interest in doing the flick and i was hooked. I’d always dug his other books but had never tried his westerns, glad i did.

I’ve read Forty Lashes Less One, The Bounty Hunters (his first book, was really cool to see how far he’s come since this), Escape From five shadows, Hombre, last stand at saber river, and Valdez is Coming so far and am working on The Law at Randado.

My fave has to be Forty Lashes Less One, as far as I’m concerned his best written western and one of his best books period. That’d be so fantastic if QT made this one.