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Elle Driver's Picture

[quote]She was ‘so-so’ in that Robbie Williams video![/quote]

She wasnt a patch on Elle (Excuse the pun)

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[quote]Bill told Sophie he loved her very much too…I think he was full of shit buddy. Also, i don’t think he meant to “come home” literally.[/quote]
Doesn’t Elle tell Bill that he should smoke some pot and she’ll be home soon?

(After Budd dies, when Elle answers the cell phone with Bill on the line)

Doesn’t Elle tell Bill that he should smoke some pot and she’ll be home soon?

(After Budd dies, when Elle answers the cell phone with Bill on the line)[/quote]

“u go smoke some pot or something & ill be home soon” - elle

I think Bill told these girls that he loved them simply because he could have been like a father figure to them. Elle could of had some feelings for him on her end only. I think Bill never stoped thinking about Beatrix and Elle knew that.

the picture is of Beatrix Kiddo

Really, then why Beatrix, looking at picture, said nothing?

That’s her.


I dont understand why people thought it was Elle Driver…

I mean, that’s Beatrix.

I just wrote that reply illogically.

And nice idea posting the picture. That should erase all doubt.

From the first draft:


That you were sick, that you were

asleep, but one day you’d wake up

and come back to her.

And she asked me, “If Mommy’s been

asleep since I was born, how will

she know what I look like?” To

which I replied, “Because Mommy’s

been dreaming of you.” And she

said, “Then I’m gonna start

dreaming of her.” So I gave her a

picture of you –


– which one?


The one I took of you in Paris,

sitting on the steps with the

baguette in your hand. Since she

was one and a half years old, she’s

slept with that picture of you next

to her bed

  1. the one I took of you in Paris … with the BAGUETTE in your hand.

  2. she ´s slept with that PICTURE OF YOU NEXT TO HER BED


Ive got a question; I think the picture is taken in Amstedam, the baguette is abviously a clog.

He he…

Nope, Bill knew what he said. But still Amsterdam rules! I was there once and I loved it.

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haha its definitly beatrix.

Yeah it’s Bea. But i can see why people got confused, i mean the picture was pretty small and i guess daryl and uma look kinda simmilar (from a distance !)