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Eliminate Pulp Fiction!

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click on the link, sign up, and kick PF’s ass off


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If mine doesn’t work either replace the “…” with “d.php?s=” without the quotes

I refuse to knock PF off. Sorry. :slight_smile:

WTF is this about?

Fuck that, I like Pulp Fiction. Kill Bill has to go, until I see Kill Bill as one movie and make a final judgement on which movie is better.

You bastards are probably too lazy to vote for either anyway, seeing how you have to sign up. But if you do, make sure to put “R.I.P. I Am JAM” with a sad face after your vote.

It’s an in joke there, everyone will think it’s funny

[quote]You bastards are probably too lazy to vote for either anyway[/quote]

you suppose correctly

uh huh

Good. Because the contest already ended. Beotch.

Who won?

[size=666]DEEEEZ NUTS!![/size]

Ronald Reagan won, but then he realized that he had Alzheimers and wasn’t running for President.

And then he died.

uh-oh now that’s not very nice