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El Wray vs Cholo DeMora

Who is a better zombie slayer, Rodriguez’s El Wray or Romero’s Cholo DeMora?

  • Cholo DeMora
  • El Wray

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Before I start, in case you’re wondering who the hell Cholo is, I’ll tell you. If any of you have seen the fine zombie epic that is Land Of The Dead you would surely know that Cholo is one of the movies’ most badass characters, (my personal favorite since Rhodes). Cholo DeMora is played by John Leguizamo and like I said before, he is definitely THE best movie character in a zombie film ever. There is this certain feel that the movie has, there’s a certain mythology established so quickly you just literally sink into it. I was watching the film this morning and I have to say that Land Of The Dead is brilliant, mainly because of it’s characters, there’s very little humor but it’s right for the movie, it shouldn’t be too light, it should be grim and dark - and that’s how it plays out.

I like how Romero has the ability to craft such real characters with superb appeal. Everything from his leather jacket to his crossbow and his dream of living in Fiddler’s Green and his dreams broken by Kaufman- Cholo is one bad muthafucka!

And El Wray…well I like him but, there’s just so little we know about him.

“Looks like god left the phone off the hook” - Cholo

EL WRAY (Freddy Rodriguez)