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DVD Reviews (Reservoir Dogs)

Since there is for Pulp and Jackie there was bound to be one for the Dogs.

Well there’s two:

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I just read both reviews. The DVDs sound awesome! I cant wait to get them all! 8)

“Im dyin Larry!”

“You know what this is? Its the worlds smallest violin playin just for the waitresses”

“Toby…Toby…Toby…Toby Wong, Toby Wong, Toby Chung, fuckin Charlie Chan”

“Remember The Fantastic Four? Thing… motherfucker looks just like The Thing”

“If they hadnt a done what I told em not to do, theyd still be alive”

“Hes dead as Dillinger”

" Mr Brown? thats a little close to Mr Shit"

“Mr Pink sounds like Mr Pussy”

“Alright ramblers, lets get ramblin”

“You know what I heard the other day? “Heartbeat its a Love Beat” by little Tony DeFranco and the Defranco Family, I havent heard that since the 5th fuckin grade…”

“You kids better not play so rough, someones gonna cry”

“Are you gonna bark all day little doggie or are you gonna bite?”

“Are you cool? I need you cool!” BANG! BONK! BANG! “I AM cool”

Artisan FUCKED UP the tranfer!! look at the screenshots! they fucked it up! the picture quality of the old dvd was good! what the fuck did they do to this movie? crying

What?! It looks 100X better than the original transfer! Open up Your eyes!!!

The color is brighter, the picture is sharper too!

Watch you talkin bout Willis?

the transfer is in no way better. the image is blurry, grainy and gray. besides, the format has been changed.

anyway, various professional testing magazines say the transfer is worse than the original release, besides, some guys at artisan obviously stated that too, it was just too late to fix it.

Anyway, Im gonna be getting all the new QT DVDs in a week or so. I have the regular Dogs DVD, so Ill let you know how it looks in comparison.

There are a few more reviews for Dogs and Vic in one of them there is a great comparison between images of the new/old transfer and it is clear that the new transfer is not as good (i dont give a shit :slight_smile:) :




Yeah, Artisan has some reeeeeeeaaaaaaal warm mail coming in I’ll tell you that much >:(

Michael Madsen will be at the Virgin on Sunset in Hollywood this Friday night at 7 pm signing copies of ResDogs. Hopefully, he’ll sign my copy of Kill Bill. I guess there are a whole bunch of people that read this forum that don’t respond. If any of you live in the area, I’ll see you there.


(sorry, had to get that out) :stuck_out_tongue:

Those stupid fucks totally fucked that dvd up.

  • Full frame on second disc?? WHAT THE FUCK?? Who the hell needs full frame?

  • lousy 3 posters in a picture gallery?

  • a fake audio commentary? DAMN!

  • THE WORST IMAGE QUALITY SINCE VHS!!! The old dvd was ten times better! fuckin’ A!

    i really hate Artisa now. BOYCOTT!!

    another negative review:

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BOTTOM LINE: If you don’t have it yet, GET IT!

I have the RD SE and I think it’s great. Get over the fact that it ALSO contains a full screen version, some people prefer it (I don’t though) and it’s good they have the choice to view whichever 1 they prefer. The widescreen version in on Disk 1 so it isn’t really a big deal. The special features are also alright (but could be better). Now that I think about it, the SF’s contain a cool rendition of the ear scene with action figures, amature-style (reminds me of an amature porn look) version of the film played by different characters, and a cool interview of Michael Madsen defending that he was the main character.