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Dolly in/zoom out Vertigo effect

I’m pretty familiar with this technique but I was just watching Road to Perdition and there was this shot where this guy is walking towards the camera and the Vertigo effect is used so it looks like the world around him is moving but the guy is walking in place (that’s what the director said in the commentary). I’m wondering what’s the point? Like how does it affect the shot? It’s certainly not what the effect was supposed to be used for like in Vertigo.

Are you also reffering to the shot in Jaws where it zooms in on Roy Scheider when he sees Jaws? I think i read it is foward zoom/reverse tracking, i ish i knew how to do that.

You move the camera forward and zoom out (or the reverse of that) - what’s so complicated about that? :wink:

exactly, you gotta pull it back (or push it forward) very smooth though or it will fuck up, you cant steady cam a shot like that, put the cam on wheels and pull or push the obstacle

It’s also used in LOTR:Fellowship when Frodo is looking down the path when the Black Rider comes.

I love that effect.