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Does anyone want to buy hostel

stupid me bought it twice, so i have two hostels coming in the post :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone want to buy one from me through paypal, and i’ll post it to ya…anyone anyone…?????

This should be deleted.


lol stop making me laugh… there could be someone out there who would like to buy hostel and i have two copys coming.

This is not even the appropriate venue for this sort of thing.

whatever who says so …YOU…LET IT BE, someone out there might want it… all wraped and delievered by moi …so zip it zippy

you would have to let me kick you in the nuts in order for me to watch that crap.

Sell it at Blockbuster, if you’re lucky you might get a Kit-Kat bar or some Num-nums. Do you like Num-nums?

“I do believe this thread. As well as the user that spawned it’s vile existence. Are destined for the rubbish bin.”

dude why didnt u return it?

but you can always sell it on amazon…