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Do The Right Thing!

This is personally one of my favorite films of all time. And this scene pretty much prove why it is so geat.

What are some of your favorite scenes?

Funniest scene:

hahahahaha muvaphuck yhoo! yah i was gonna post that one but decided the buggin out one is better.

hahahah the way the chinese dude says “How im doing” at 1:03 in this clip is some funny shit.

Do the right thing is great. Back in the days when rap actually had something to say.

Ohhhhhh god tell me about it. Hip hop from that era is all im listening too lately. Name some of your favorite alubms from 90-99. And ill name some of mine :slight_smile:

enter the wu-tang

Yeah man thats a classic for sure.

yeaa wu tang definatly my favorite rap of all time nwa straight out of compton is great too.

Black Moon - Enta Da Stage, you cant call yourself a hip hop fan without this.

yeaaa enta da stage da shet. who got da props and smif and wessen are ma 2 favorit on dat album the whole shet is sick though.

a tribe called quest

the anthology is a classic.

pete rock & c.l. smith nice too

Hahahahah now your waking up, i thought you just liked the common shit. Some of my other favorite Cd’s that i own are.

A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders/The Low End Theory

Pete Rock & C.L Smooth - Mecca and The Soul Brother/All Souled Out

Smif N’ Wessun - Dah Shinin’ - This is almost better thean enta the stage sooooooooooooooooooooo sick.

Lord Finesse - The Awakening

Artifacts - Betweeen a rock and a hard place. THat song wrong side of the tracks is soooo fuckin awsome.

Big L - Lifstylez of da rich & poor. Street Stuck, might be the sickest song ever created by a man.

yeaaa das some goo shett nba street vol. 3 got a good as sound track wit alot of old skool rap in it.

Man i listened to that artifacts song wrong side of the tracks high…it was fucking amazing./ HAve you heard it?

yea ahahhaha budda cush?

i like ashes to ashes betta dats shets nice as shet u like dat?

cush uhhhhhhhhhhh no but it was some good fuckin chronic, didnt taste very good though :-</E>

ashes to ashes? by artifacts?