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Discussion of KB DVDs

I personally don’t think this movie is THAT bare-bones. I’m sure we all have DVD’s that just have like a trailer or some shit and we don’t complain about that. I’m also sure that we all have dvd’s with a behind the scenes that’s about 25 minutes and we think it’s a great special feature. Be glad this DVD has what it has cuz we could have got totally shafted with NOTHING but a trailer. I know there will be TONS more on the box set, but for now I’m happy with this release.

The Volume 2 trailer is gonna be on the dvd right? I sure hope it is, because I haven’t been able to watch it yet due to the shittiness of my computer.

According to what i’ve read, i think its only the Volume 2 teaser that they have and not the proper Volume 2 trailer.


[quote]According to what i’ve read, i think its only the Volume 2 teaser that they have and not the proper Volume 2 trailer.[/quote]

Has that been confirmed or was that just assumed because the real trailer hadn’t been released yet?

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That’s just the Uk version but i aint sure bout the US version

I’m pretty sure it’s on the U.S. version, I don’t think any of the versions differ in extras.

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Many people are pissed off because they think Miramax is getting rich off of us from these double dips. I think they are actually doing us a favor. First of all, the release date on the Volume 2 DVD was not that far away and it comes with 5.1 surround sound. Now, for some people that can’t wait that long and they want to see the movie as soon as possible will buy the discs that are out now. That is a service to us because if they waited for the special editons to release on both movies, we would have to wait a long ass time if they are going to pack full of extras like the Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown DVDs. Plus, didn’t Quentin say that all of the extras would be different? Anyway, I would like to own all of the dvds because I’m all for special editons and i’m especially all for the Integrale Kill Bill DVD (Vol. 1 & 2 combined)


too bad those assholes didn’t put either one on the dvd.[/quote]

The volume 2 teaser was on the volume 1 DVD!

I just posted that because you said they didn’t put either on the DVD when they did actually put one of them.

And yeh, the volume 2 trailer was the shit. When Il Triello started playing I fuckin’ creamed my pants, because I’m a huge fan of that song as I am with GBU. That fuckin’ trailer owned. The music went so well with what wa happening on-screen (especially the nails in the coffin part)

Ok, no worries!


I found this excerpt on Digital Bits today.

"Hollywood studios are rushing to cash in on the DVD boom. Here’s your happy, happy, joy, joy from the article… Miramax is reportedly preparing to release a half-dozen different DVD editions of Kill Bill:

“This is the beauty of having two volumes,” said Rick Sands, chief operating officer at Miramax. “Vol. 1 goes out, Vol. 2 goes out, then Vol. 1 Special Edition, Vol. 2 Special Edition, the two-pack, then the Tarantino collection as a boxed set out for Christmas. It’s called multiple bites at the apple. And you multiply this internationally.” Mr. Tarantino has also cut an alternate version of the movie for Japan.

I’m gonna ask the obvious right now: Can you believe the BALLS required to make a statement like that in public? To a reporter? For a story that people are going to READ?! Do you suppose Miramax planned to let fans of the film know about all this, so they could… oh, I don’t know… maybe make informed decisions about which version they want to spend their hard-earned cash on? I can understand the need to put out multiple DVD versions of a film on occasion, but DAMN! A half-dozen different DVD editions, and Tarantino wants to release stand-alone Beneath the Crust-style discs of supplemental materials as well?! F#@K THAT."

Amazing right? Movie fans have made Hollywood one of the most illustrious cities in the world with the most celebrated professions known. We built that town and we pay for their lifestyles, and they still aren’t satisfied. They still want to F* us in the ass. It is just so frustrating.

My most valuable possession

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Grindhouse Ezekiel:

I already have the normal american DVD of Volume 1 and I gonna buy the same DVD of Volume 2 until its release. Then I gonna wait and buy the big fat mega DVD-pack with the two volumes cut together with the japanese uncut version of Volume 1 and the uncut Volume 2 as one big film with many extras and a nice package.


That’s what they are banking on.

Ing. Bastard:

Miramax are fuckers. This is a major cash in on us the Tarantino fans

Le Big Mac:

hey guess what miramax are being hoes and whats the tarantino box set all about, is that just all the tarantino flicks in one set? What i want is an official list of all the dvds coming out, not rumors, just a list with release dates and features, thats the least these greedy bastards can do.


we knew before the fellowship dvd came out that they’ll be releasing an EE vesion of all the dvds, and the regular dvds had alot of special features, unlike the vol. 1 dvd and the EE versions included more footage not seen on the regular dvds, miramax is pushing it, two bare-bones releases, then a SE, then the two pack, and the the director’s version, if they would’ve just release the SE’s and not the bare-bones, then people MIGHT understand the two pack and the director’s version… FUCK MIRAMAX!!!


Just release the Vol. 2 barebones dvd, and then the whole two volumes in one super-duper package. There’s no need for two seperate special editions for both volumes, that’s just too fucking greedy. It’s the typical liberal hypocrisy bullshit…you have every freedom to choose what you want, unless someone from above dictates what you should buy.

I’m sorry if this info i want is in one of the other threads in here, but i didn’t find any satisfing info there. So, what can we expecht from KB DVDs in the future? 4 things coming to my mind there:

  1. “the whole bloody affair” Hm, we dont know anything about this, do we? For all I know, it’s just Vol.1 and 2 put together for one movie. If so, i think maybe we are looking at something like Lord of the rings here. (Watch 90 minutes than suddenly BAM there is a stop and you have to change discs - horrible)

  2. “Special editions” I see SE’s were mentioned in some othere topics but nothings for sure, right? And just what makes them special? Bonus features, longer running time, extras, nice cover, toys (like the mega-jap- editions of both volumes)

  3. “Directors Cut” Another thing that was mentioned on other topics. Hmm, will this be less or more than the current Volumes? I remember NBK got a nice Directors Cut. If we are looking at an extra 10 scenes (lets say 8 minuts more of KB) that would be sweet, huh?

  4. “Shitload of extras” Now somebody in here said that QT told his fans he had a shitload of extras in the pipeline for DVDs. That would be awesome.

    So what do you think we’re gonna get, maybe “KILL BILL - THE WHOLE BLOODY AFFAIR - SPECIAL EDITION DIRECTORS CUT” with a sticker on it that says "shitload of extras!"

    damn that would be the DVD of my dreams (exept the goddamn DVD-switching thing with 2 Discs like in those bloody 3,5-4 hour-Lord of the Rings)

so, does nobody care about KIll bill DVDs or whats the deal here??

so, does nobody care about KIll bill DVDs or whats the deal here??

I just joined this board because I had the same question. I found this reference:


Director Quentin Tarantino revealed to, that his combination of both “Kill Bill” volumes, Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair, will be released as a NC-17 rating. “Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair is definitely getting a wide release. It’s the Japanese version, that’s why I call it that,” he explained.

He also talked about his next film and future projects! “I’m doing Inglorious Bastards next. It’s my bunch-of-guys-on-a-mission movie. It’s my World War II movie.” He also confirmed that he wants to do a “Mandarin language movie”. We shall keep you posted on more Tarantino information as and when it comes.


The latest rumor is that although it was slated for August, it has now been delayed.

Hope this helps.


I haven’t heard about an update and now it’s August…