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Did NE-1 else HATE PF the first time watching it?

I remember watching it for the first time on Cinemax when I was 13 (I’m 19 now)…I was waiting to watch one of those late-night soft-core pornos. ;D and PF came before it and I remember watching the opening scene with tim roth and not understanding a word of what he was saying and thought to myself "This is boring"then I changed the channel,and when I changed it back it was when Sam Jackson and John travolta were having the Amsterdam conversation so I was still bored with the movie then changed the channel again…then a half hour later I came back and they were on the goldwatch story…I was like WTF?!

Anybody else experienced the same thing?

the first thing i saw from this movie is the scene where jules interrogates that guy and shoots him and i loved that part. but when i saw the full movie for the first time, i was just a kid and was dissapointed becuz it seemed really slow and there wasnt as much action as i wanted. but i can watch pf now and really appreciate it and enjoy it for the great movie it is

the first time i saw it (when i was 15) i liked it. i mean the first time affect me like reservoir dogs too. what i did was i watched, loved the hell out of the Bonnie Situation and then it was over. but like after it was over it became better and better. QT’s movies have this weird/cool effect. its like it just oozes in. and it only gets better after multiple views, but those views have to be spread out.

the first time I saw it (when I was 12) I loved it and watched it again the nest day. and started writing scripts which were QT rip-offs just for the hell of it…

I was exactly the same - I got hooked on it my second time, some months ago, but I first watched it a few years ago and didn’t think much of it. I did love the Ezekiel part, but thats all I can remember about it back then.

No way I hated it the first time! I fuckin’ laughed my sides sore watching this. If I didn’t like it there and then, it would have greatly altered the person I’ve become (for better or worse) so I’ll either:

a) be a matrixprick (not to say that the first Matrix wasn’t revolutionary and that all Matrix lovers are assholes)

b) think that Pearl Habour was the greatest epic of all times.

Pearl harbor is the greatest epic of all time. Along with WINDTALKERS and We Were Soldiers :smiley:

First time I saw Pulp I liked it ALOT. I hated the first half of The Gold Watch though, I almost turned it off, but then things picked up after all that and I ended up falling in love with Pulp.

I think its that way with all QT movies… until you hit 15… when i watched Pulp the first time i was 13, so i thought it was pretty boring till i saw Zed get shot and Butch fuck up them bitches it was pretty boring.

But when i saw Jackie Brown and Kill Bill when i was 15 they didn’t seem so slow and i was hooked on QT till the day i die!

or my maturity level does not allow me to enjoy movies any more which i hope never comes! lol

I remember watching part of Pulp Fiction for the first time. It was right after they shot Marvin in the face and they were cleaning up in Jimmy’s bathroom. I laughed so hard at that scene and was curious about this film.

Six months later I decided to watch Pulp Fiction, since I had just seen Kill Bill and thought that was excellent. After that first time I saw Pulp Fiction, I thought it was incredible. Ever since then, I’ve loved Quentin.

I bought the special edition dvd of this movie blind. I never saw it before and I barely heard of or knew about Tarantino. That night my life changed. What a fucking religious experience that movie was for me…

I’m 12 and i’ve watched almost all of them(I saw PF when I was 4). I’ve gotten my friends into them and we’re the only people in our school, instead of teachers, who love them.

[quote]I’m 12 and i’ve watched almost all of them(I saw PF when I was 4). I’ve gotten my friends into them and we’re the only people in our school, instead of teachers, who love them.[/quote]

Damn you are one young motherfucker. I didn’t even start puberty yet when I was your age. Shit.

Do you have hair…down there yet? lol just messin

Matters whose asking. If it’s Uma Thurman…I will answer.

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first things first. the first time you saw pulp fiction was when you were 4. how the hell do you remember that??? and did you actually watch it like “wow i like this movie/wow i hate this movie” or were you hardly paying attention? 4 is quite young. how the hell could you understand the movie??

i was 9 when Pulp Fiction came out. and i dont think i would have understood it way back then. or been allowed to see it, i wasnt even allowed to see Forrest Gump

I remember disliking it the first time I saw it which was when I was 13. For some reason I just didn’t like it. Then the scene where they blow off Marvin’s head came on and I realized it was fucking brilliant! I love it now but that first time I thought it was just ‘ok.’

I remember it because my dad watched it almost every day. We owned a internet cafe and he would watch Pulp Fiction and Animal House almost every day. I would sit on his lap and that’s one of the only good memories i have of my dad. I was somewhat bored, but when i saw it a second time, I believe I liked it more. And by the way, i did not understand the Gimp scene. It was intricate but i was , i guess, a special kid.

Man, that’s fucked up. I wouldn’t even let my kid watch Pulp Fiction. Not till he’s fucking 13 at least.

I don’t belee one second of dat. He was a fuckin 4 year old then, he wouldn’t understand shit about what they’re saying or doing…