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Death Proof - Walmart Venting...Followed by Cool QT Story

Ok, First I have been waiting for the Grindhouse movies to come out and I can’t believe I did but yesterday I forgot Death Proof was coming out (going through a bad breakup) So, last night (Tuesday) at 9:30PM I was on IMDB and saw a banner on the front page and I was like Woah I forgot, well I have felt like crap all day I’m going to go and get it. Well, in my town Wal-Mart is only Eight Miles away and everywhere else is at least an hour.

So, I get to Wal-Mart and usually they have about fifty billion copies of every movie that they would never sell right away. I get there and I’m looking and there is one slot for Death Proof and it’s empty. Pretty bummed, turn around and a worker is standing there and I ask him “hey do you have any more copies of Death Proof anywhere” He dead stares me for a minute…looks at the shelf…looks at me and says “nope…shelf is empty” Kinda pissed I say ok and walk out.

Fast Forward to today. I call the same Wal-Mart and ask again. The lady on the phone says “I’m unloading the truck with movies right as we speak” I asked if I would be able to come and get one and she says best chance would be to wait until tomorrow. Now, I’m not a very patient person, but what can I do. Well we also have two Movie rental stores that sell movies too. I went and checked them and no dice. So I waited until I got off at 9:00PM here and went up. Same guy was there and the shelf was still empty so I walked in and walked right out. Really Irritating.

Now the tie in story…

You see my mom is not a big movie buff let alone know who QT is besides “he’s the guy that made pulp fiction” but I came home and was venting to her about all this and she told me this story which is just plain wierd with the timing and all. My mom works at our local Hospital in the operating room. One of the doctors there whom we will call Dr. R told her this story of his experience.

Dr. R travels to the Phillipennes (think that’s right) alot. Well on his last trip on his way back. He flys first class, well he was in first class and there was this man in native clothes pacing back and forth through the aisle. The flight attendants knowing Dr. R came to him and said that the man had a very bad headache and could not settle down and asked if there was anything he could do. So Dr. R wondered over and the man said just was the Flight Attendant said that he had a very bad headache and he could not settle down. The man also showed him a bottle of medicine he had with no label on it and Dr. R said I would not give him that not knowing exactly what it was but he has back problems and he had pain pills for that, that if he was willing to try them he was more than welcome.

The man took the pills and was able to relax and be comfortable for the rest of the flight. When they landed the man came to Dr. R and said Thank you so Much and offered him a very expensive bottle of champaign. And said at least take this. Not sure if Dr. R took it but. Then, My mom says and guess who that man was…Quentin Tarantino…

My jaw his the floor I was like…no way. She said yeah he had his picture taken with him and everything. My mom and I just thought it was funny since I told her about death proof and Dr. R just told them about this a couple of days ago. Now, I don’t know how true this story is but I asked my mom to borrow the picture and find out more about the story. I just thought It was neat to know that QT talked to someone I know. Maybe I’m wierd but I found it interesting. If you have read this far, sorry for being so long. But, I’m going to post this other places too.



Cool to hear a different version of that story. Here’s another version from<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ane-fight/”></LINK_TEXT>

[i]The NY Post reports that Quentin Tarantino made a nuisance of himself on a flight from the Philippines last week. A passenger on the LAX-bound Philippines Airline Flight 544 from Manila told us the “Kill Billâ€

I found that story and my mom took it to the Dr. and that is the story…pretty freaking cool.