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DEATH PROOF references

Start posting your thoughts on the references in DP here-----but i mean not the obvious ones like Vanishing POint or Dirty Mary Crazy Larry

i´m gonna start-----the duck on Mike´s car is the same as the duck on Kris Kristoffersons truck in Sam Peckinpah´s Classic Convoy


<LINK_TEXT text=“ … jpg----you”></LINK_TEXT> see Kristofferson standin´next to his famous truck and you see the llmighty duck

musical references include the use of songs previously used in DePalmas Blow Out or Cruising----i´ve made a thread for that in GH music section-----so check it out!

We already have a references section.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 739.0.html”>,6739.0.html</LINK_TEXT>

the part where the cars scrape the side guard rail is from Bullitt