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Death Proof in the UK

With the release date (of September 21st) fast approaching, this thread has been made for Death Proof related things that go on in the UK.

I know of quite a few Brits who don’t post here anymore, but I’m sure there are still some of us left. So yeah share your thoughts, experiences and anything else that’s Death Proof related.

Here is what I think is the official UK poster:

I like it.

I’ve already seen Death Proof (in Prague), but I will be watching this again maybe another two more times when it hits cinemas here.

That poster is BEAUTIFUL. It looks so much like the 70s exploitation posters. Thats now my favorite version. I dont get the “Crash Course In Revenge” line though.

Open the picture in a new browser so you can get a bigger picture and a better look. The “crash course in revenge” line is obviously a play on the fact that it’s about women who get revenge by using their car. I’m going to try and get a hold of that poster for my room at uni.

there should be an official website soon and more poster artwork…… aw nothing new…

the 21st, ey? no wonder the auditorium was full of british tourists all 4 times i saw it vienna.

I like the poster too

Here’s the official website:

hm, not too much there yet. i like the fact that they focus on one of the girls’ hot asses instead of good old kurt… but i’d have preferred sidney :wink:

I love that design. Really cool.

This is the Empire First Look, first published May 22 2007:

[i]In Cannes last night we sat down for perhaps our most anticipated movie of the festival, even though we’d (arguably) seen it before and read the full script before Christmas. That film was Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof, taken out of its cosy Grindhouse home and shown here in its full two-hour format, complete with a new French title: Boulevard De La Mort! After the debacle following the double bill’s release in the US we must admit to feeling slightly nervous, after all, Cannes was where QT’s rise to cult status started (with Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction), and we couldn’t help feeling he was heading for a fall by insisting on a Competition slot, in the hope of securing a rare Palme D’Or double whammy.

We needn’t have worried. Those who saw the “Joseph Brenner & Associatesâ€

I love the poster really much. I still prefer the US original one but this one is so cool. Thnx for posting it Ify :wink:

Very nice poster, yeah.

I could look at this poster aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall DAY! ;D

That write up was beautifully done too. That guy really got it. Which is good to see.

I cannot wait.

If anyone was interested, EMPIRE gave Death Proof 4 Stars! So that would make:

Reservoir Dogs - 5 Stars

Pulp Fiction - 5 Stars

Jackie Brown - 4 Stars

Kill Bill: Volume 1 - 4 Stars

Kill Bill: Volume 2 - 4 Stars

Death Proof - 4 Stars