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David Carradine stalked QT..... sort of

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David Carradine is kinda creepy



Still, one man’s stalking is another man’s badgering. At least Carradine is honest enough to be honest about it. What the fuck do you think Michael Madsen is doing constantly hounding QT and bringing up Vega Bros all the time? Or Uma Thurman trying to get in contact with Tarantino to remind him of the Kill Bill script he had shelved ten years earlier? QT is still on fire, and is one of the hottest director’s in the world. Of course, actors, writers, producers, etc are going to stalk him, though none of them would ever admit to calling it stalking.

he was just trying to get a good job, you know? i mean, who hasnt had someone ‘stalk’ them before. (think crazy ex girlfriends or jahova witnesses)

I thought i had heard QT saying he had purposely written the bill part intendidly for carradine. He was first in his mind when he wrote the part. I dont know about how that could be stalking tho, maybe just a misunderstanding.

First an actor wanna act, above all with such an great director like QT. If I would be an actor and heard something about a role I wanna play more than evry thing else, I would try to contact the director too.

There are so many good actors and you have to do something to make the director interessted.

Second, there is an other reason for Carradine to say this stuff. His last wife wants money! She said that she started the contact between QT and DC and so she wanted money from the contract…

If DC can convinince the court that it was he, who did everything, he will save fucking money.

"It kind of surprised of course that he remembers everything about every film ever made in the history of mankind,"

lol i like this quote!

well im an actress and i have to say i’d probably stalk Quentin for a part too…if i had the chance :-/

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David Carradine is kinda creepy

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