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Danny the Dog DVD

A Danny the Dog aka Unleashed DVD will come out in France 3. August!

Check out:

Aucune information pour le moment n’a encore filtré concernant les spécifications techniques et les suppléments de cette édition. Les deux seuls éléments révélés par l’éditeur pour le moment, sont le packaging, reprenant l’esthétique réussie de l’affiche cinéma tout en en détournant le visuel, et la date de sortie dans les bacs : le 03 Août 2005.

Production française oblige, on peut néanmoins s’attendre àun DVD consistant en terme de bonus, et techniquement réussi si l’on se fie au passé d’Europa Corp en matière d’encodage vidéo et son (DTS en vue !), surtout que Danny The Dog avec sa photo soignée et granuleuse et son mixage percutant s’y prête parfaitement.

pretty quick, thanks

Right, I have 4 months time to learn the french lang… no wait, it’s an english language movie. Fucking great. I’m so used to those stupid french dvds that never have english subs that I didn’t even realize we don’t need subs this time. This means I will get the dvd two weeks before it’s even released theatrically in Finland. 8) 8) 8)

According to cd-wow the HK disc will be out July 29th. Now we don’t have to watch the film with forced french subs :wink:

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Review of the french dvd:

Looks good, and the french subs are opitional. I guess this is the version I will get.

Also, I think I read somewhere that the European cut of the film is longer that the US cut. I don’t know what version they will release in HK, but this french release should be the longest (I think).

I got the french dvd and it’s a good quality release. No subs for extras, but the only thing that needs subs is the making-of documentary (mostly in french, partly in english). The most interesting extra feature is extended fight scenes (like Transporter dvd). Maybe these scenes will be edited back to the film someday (like the japanese dvd version of Transporter). Both HK and FR dvds seem to have the same extras.

I’m not sure about this, but I heard that the HK dvd is missing one scene that’s included in the french version. Maybe it would be best to wait for the unrated US dvd (release date: 11th October 2005)

which version was shown in Germany (theaters) ?

Dammit, it still has’nt been released in cinemas here yet…so slow, its enough to make a person :’(

R3 HK vs. R2 FR comparison review

The french release is much better (HK is soft, dark, misses intentional color boost, has problems with interlacing artifacts). I’m happy I took the risk and bought the more expesive french release.

I really like the cover art of the japanese release.

I’m not sure which version this is, though.

Got the US Unrated release. One of the coolest martial arts-drama films Ive seen in awhile.