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Cowgirls in Sweden not in the movie!


I’ll ask him tomorrow if he even shot it

YOU talk to HIM??? Yeah pls do and also ask him for the reason behind not including it? It was supposed to be the coolest… a British horror movie instead!!! WTF??? Im so pissed off cuz Thanksgiving is a slasher movie and we already have a Slasher theme which is Death Proof… Plus British horror isnt exploitation… Werewolf Women of the SS is naziploitation but what the hell is They Call Him Machete? Werent we supposed to get sexploitation, blaxploitation… I knw the movie rocks, but still… Thats the first time I hear bad news about this movie…

the DON’T thing is hilarious though

Am I wrong or did I once see an interview with the words “Im shootin a trailer called Cowgirls in Sweden” comin outta his mouth? I want sexploitation! I want sexploitation! I want sexploitation! I WANT SEX!!! Blonde fuckin cowgirls with big ol bouncin titties runnin wild, prancin through the fields in heavenly Sweden… Quentins touch wouldve also made it more amazing and mouth watering… Man it takes no time tell him to shoot it, I want it, he has 10 days!!! WAAAA!!!

i cant believe they didnt include it, tarantino sounded really enthusiastic about it…

Yeah thats what killing me… He sounded SOOO enthusiastic… But again its Quentin, he sounds enthusiastic about everything!!! He talks alot… I thnk Seb is Quentin!!! loool… sneaky ass Seb :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

haha yeah and cowgirls in sweden is the title of my home videos. haha

So uve seen the man live and in flesh… How does it feel?

Im gonna kick you both in the balls beause Im mad I havent seen it yet. If I knew where you guys live I would set your houses ablaze!

looool… I havent seen it yet… Seb is the one who needs all the kickin…

Seb, dont rub it in or anything. “Ill talk to him tomorrow”. LMAO!


Damn. Its annoying, but I didn’t expect it.

Man I was really hoping this trailer was gonna be made…oh well


I asked QT and he said something like (I have to check my recordings): “yeah I really wanted to do it but i got caught up in work for death proof, and didn’t get to do it.” and some of the cast members also remembered qT saing it. I told mary winstead, she should be in it should he decide to shoot it after all

Now that pisses me off!

i have my one-on-one with QT in a little bit. I will dig a little deeper…

Lazy ass Quentin… He should learn from Robert…