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Could Tarantino WORK on IMAX?!

Could KILL BILL Or Pulp Fiction be shown on IMAX? Would it work?

IMAX is a special shooting and presenting technique. normally, old films can just be screened there.

Episode 2 worked, because it was shot digitally, and digital sources can be modiefied in that way, obviously.

I doubt that a film like Pulp Fiction is suitable for Imax.

that would be really cool if it worked tho… all we get here in the imax is crappy nature films lol… well some of them are kinda cool i guess.

I don’t understand what a movie like PulpFiction needs IMAX for? PulpFiction consists mostly of it’s dialogues. You don’t need a huge projection or dolbywhatever to have fun with this one. Same goes for Jacky Brown or Reservoir Dogs.

Although it might be funny to feel surrounded by FDTD-Zombies …

YEAH!! that would be crazy… It would be really cool to see an action flick in the Imax… Big explosions and stuff.

KILL BILL’s samurai sword fight scenes in IMAX

Mr. Blonde’s ear scene in IMAX

the sheer size of the screen would increase the coolness

What would be th point of the ear scene though? It pans away, so it’s just super big doorway with screams. The only thing you’d get to see inlarged would be that huge gash on Marvin. Wait a minute, that part’d be pretty cool. ;D