Cool new pulp fiction t-shirts!

Hahaha! But that’s what I think.

Hahaha! But that’s what I think.

haha I see it now. I wouldn’t buy the gimp shirt…I’ll take the other one.

I think those T-shirts are lame as fuck. I would never wear any of those and Pulp Fiction is my bestest favouritist filum lyk eva!

as lame as this one!

hahaha, that one really sucks

They all fuckin suck. I don’t think movies and T-shirts go together, I have yet to see a decent movie related T-shirt!

Worst shirts ever.

I’d like a black one with just the definition of Pulp… that’d be more subtle and nice

can I get these through a VISA Debit Card? And can you further customize these pictures ?

Is that the best design they could come up with :-</E> ?

nice design. i am impressed

Well these tshirts do not seem very unisex to me so maybe i would buy it for a male friend. In that case is it possible to pay via paypal instead of using the credit card