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Compression help

Alright, so I’ve been done with my 8 minute short film for a while now. Everytime I compress it, it looks a little grainy or pixelated maybe, and there are some flares around lights. It seems to be worse on bigger tv’s as well. I was just wondering if this sounds like a compression problem that anyone is familiar with and any help would be apreciated. I’m using Final Cut Pro 4.0 on a Mac.

Also, is there anyway to crunch the file down without using quality? Perhaps changing it from a .mov file to .wmv or something. I want to put my movie on the internet, but it’s such a huge file after compressing it into a .mov file from FCP, that it would take forever to put online as well as for anyone to download it.

Any help would be great. Thanks,


Try converting it to the .avi format using the Divx codec. Then it’ll be small in file size but the quality will still be great. Oh, and to do so look for a program called TMPGEnc.

Since youre on a Mac, i have no idea what you need to use. Get yourself a pc and DO NOT USE DIVX but DO USE Xvid.