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Coincidence? Fortune Tellers?


It occured to me that Jules and Vincent somtimes talk about shit that’s actually gonna happen.

Like this:

When Jules is “talking” to Brett and asks if Marsellus Wallace looks like a bitch and why he fucked him.Then jules says"Mr.Wallace doesn’t like to be fucked by anyone else except Mrs.Wallace" and then…BAM Marsellus get’s raped by this prick Zed…

Then in the bar when Paul and Jules are talking to Vincent about his “Date” with Mia,Vincent says “I’m gonna chew my food with my mouth closed,laugh at her jokes etc…” and then at Jack Rabbit Slims he nearly had to laugh at one of her jokes for fox force five…

So,did you guys noticed this litle coincidence??


I don’t know what you call it, but it’s DEFINITELY not coincidence. I guess it’s what you call irony. These characters make a statement, and later in the movie something happens that forces that statement to be ironic. If it can be explained better, be my guest fellas… :stuck_out_tongue:


NO, I agree with dead nigga here…

very funny observation though! never noticed it…


Actually what would spice this topic up a bit, is if we could find ironic statements like this in other movies and compare the examples…but that’s kinda hard because this is the only movie around here that’s really studied and talked about…


The reason is that PF is two hours long, a great movie, and has two sentence conversations that when you view them the first time you find them errelivant but when you look into them you find out cooler and cooler things about the movie. I don’t think anyone except for QT will ever know all the facts about the Fiction.