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I was watching Reservoir Dogs the other day and saw a few clues to tell who the rat was before you really found out. When Eddie is driving down the street talking on his phone, an orange balloon pops out of his car. After the I dont tip speech Joe comes back and counts the money. Then asks " Who didnt through in?" Mr. Orange rats him out.

The orange balloon thing was actually a mistake, it wasn’t suppose to be in there, check on IMDB.

But what about the Mr.Orange rating on Mr.Pink inthe opening sequence? Quentin put that in to show that Mr.Orange is the rat.

First post - hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve often thought about that myself - Joe said that Orange was the only one he “wasn’t a hundred percent on”…tthe “shaddap” he gives Orange in the restaurant made me doubt that Joe would help him or get him to a doctor. Eddie was ready to dismiss the fact that there was a rat - naivety on his part?

Joe, however, had been around the block a few times and I think his experience as well as his instinct told him that something was rotten in Denmark with Orange.

Yeah that’s what I’m talking about. He coulda picked up on that when Mr.Orange ratted out Mr.Pink.