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Clerks X (3 Disc) R.2

Title: Clerks X

Starring: Brian O’Halloran

Released: 18th July 2005

SRP: £19.99

Further Details

Buena Vista Home Entertainment has announced the release of Clerks X for the 18th of July, priced at around £19.99. This will be a three disc set, featuring both the theatrical cut and the original ‘Sundance’ version. Here’s the full list of specs:

Disc One: Theatrical Cut

Anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1) Transfer

Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio

Original 1995 audio commentary with Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier, Jason Mewes, Brian O’Halloran and others

Enhanced Playback Track: Bonus Trivia

Clerks Lost Scene: Animated Short

’The Flying Car’ Short from The Tonight Show

MTV Spots with Jay & Silent Bob (18mins)

Theatrical Trailer

Soul Asylum ‘Can’t Even Tell’ Music Video

Clerks Restoration

Original Auditions (14mins)

DVD-ROM Features

Disc Two: The First Cut

Full-Frame (1.33:1) Transfer

Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Audio

Intro by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier

2004 Audio and Video Commentary with Kevin Smith, Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Scott Mosier and Jason Mewes

Disc Three: The Extras

’The Snowball Effect’ Documentary

’Mae Day: The Crumbling of a Documentary’ with Intro by Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier

10th Anniversary Q&A

Outtakes from 'The Snowball Effect’

Still Photo Gallery

Original Kevin Smith Journals

Articles and Reviews

I REALLY need that dvd…looks sweet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone know the differnce between the 1st cut and the theatrical?













Dante gets clipped in the end

[quote=“Lizard King”]
Anyone know the differnce between the 1st cut and the theatrical?

If you still wanna know…

1st cut:

A lot crappier picture

A lot less music, some acquaintance of Smith’s did it

Some additional dialogue here and there, nothin you’ll (well, I’ll) miss

And that alternate ending which sucks ass

But definitely worth getting this dvd, one of the best I have.

“The Snowball effect” is worth the entire price of the DVD, imo. One of the most fascinating movie-documentaries I’ve ever seen.

[quote=“Jack Wolfgang”]
And that alternate ending which sucks ass

I actually liked it. But yeah, the theatrical cut is much better.

Great dvd. Great film.

plus, the region 2 costs only about 10 bucks, while the region 1 costs more than 20, so go for the region 2, screw the digipak

I bought this set at Best Buy for only $20 bucks - I just saw the movie for the first time and it was just so fucking great. I’m officcialy a Kevin Smith fan. I gotta check out his other work! That’s like the greatest dialogue I’ve ever heard since Pulp Fiction…

“How many dicks did you suck?!”

You sucked 37 dicks!? Try not to suck any dick on the to the parking lot!


The guy standing in the corner follows her.

“Hey, you get back here!”