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Chuck Palahniuk

[quote]Its in the March Playboy, out on stands now!!! but try to right click, and select “save target as”, and Alex, listen to the rest, it sure as hell aint boring, if u guys wanna read some more horror stories of masturbation, go to! [/quote]

you already told us…

Oops. I need to pay more attn to my posts. :-/

well this time it was a link so i guess its better u dont need to do the whol crtl copying thing…

Holy shit, that link to will keep me horribly entertained for a while. I’m not sure whether to laugh or passout. Thanks for entertainment none the less. =D

I’ve only listened to about 8 minutes of this so far, but holy fuck, it kicks ass! I am still on the part about the kid who got the candle wax stuck in his dickhole.  :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

This is from Palahniuk´s website:

Hey guys,

Well, with Chuck’s next tour stop not until October 12th, I figured I have some time to report on some of the other cool happenings in the world of Palahniuk.

Yes, you’ve all heard by now that “Survivor” has gotten a green light from 20th Century Fox and that the team behind the upcoming Keanu Reeves actioner “Constantine” are the ones who will helm it. But something Chuck has been telling his fans on tour is that, the actual contract will be waiting for him when he returns back from tour for him to sign. So yes, it’s really, really, really official now. (break out the champagne)

But what about Chuck’s other books? In fact, what about that book of his that’s not even out yet? Let’s turn to Cult Member K.E. Dohmen:

I just posted a review about the reading on the board, but I forgot to

mention something really cool that Chuck said -something I haven’t heard

yet, on this site or others. Chuck said that HBO is interested in making a

mini-series out of HAUNTED
. He also said that all of his books, except

Lullaby, is in some sort of development in Hollywood. And he confirmed the

closing of the ballet deal for Fight Club with a London theater group…

Read if you dare.


Read if you dare.

i’d read that story before, and it’s crazy. read it, it’s so messed up. hahaha


the only part of that story that bothers me is when his guts get pulled out of his ass. that gives me the willies…shudder


a cool short story for you all to read, its by Chuck Palahniuk (writer of Fight Club)

im gonna be honest with you, its pretty sick (yet geniusly written) so if youre the sensitive girl type girl, i suggest you pass

if youre not, enjoy the ride 8)

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i just saw someone posted the mp3 earlier, somebody still got that? (this is doesnt work anymore) id love to hear him read it :wink:

thanks alot!

Chuck Palahniuk is a genius. I’ve read every single one of his novels (never got into his nonfiction stuff) and I must say that he is my favorite author right alongside Douglas Adams. His style is AMAZING, his use of minimalism, and the recurring theme of nihilism throughout all of his books. And he always manages to shock, as well (Guts). Some people say he uses shock alone to sell his books, but I think the graphic descriptions are necessary to portray how fucked up the characters of his books actually are.

Read everything he writes.

Greatest author right now, since crichton’s books have sucked recently. Choke is my very favorite. Sexual deviants, rock collecting, and the second coming of Jesus. Plus the ending is brilliant. I don’t really get survivors ending. Does anyone? The story is great though.

I still have to read Fight Club, not all that interested since I’ve seen the movie 20 times. I looked at it at the library and it looks identical to the movie.

Wow, maybe I’m the only one who likes Lullaby? :smiley: I actually liked it more than Choke, but it has been a while since I have read either book. Working on Survivor now. So far I’ve read Fight Club, Choke, Diary and Lullaby. I’ll try and post my thoughts on Survivor when I finally get around to finishing it :slight_smile:

I like Lullaby!!!

I’ve read Fight Club, Choke, Survivor, Rant, and Lullaby.

Chuck Palahniuk is awesome. He really knows how to get a physical reaction out of his readers. He’s like the Eli Roth of books as far being able to physically shock people. I’m also a fan of Irvine Welsh, Glue was great.

Other good reads:

Anything by David Sedaris and Hunter S. Thompson (RIP)…Screw Jack Rules.

i don’t think chuck is that great… i liked fight club, choke, survivor (even if the main character were kinda similar), lullaby and diary were extremly boring… guts was the only story in haunted which was amazing, the rest was nice but nothing really good at all… haven’t read rant yet…

y’all should check out glamorama by bret easton ellis… it’s similar to chuck’s writing but the story is longer and have more details in it… i also love american psycho by ellis… fuckin masterpiece…

@ladysnow: yeah HST was da man! besides charles bukowski he’s my favorite writer…