Christmas presents!


i got a year membership to the Tate galleries- free entry with 1 guest to all exhibitions at the Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives.

Btw isn’t the Tate Modern and Tate Britain free-taxes ? Cause I went to London, I didn’t pay anything there, weird…


A shitload of dvds: mostly Zatoichi, south park seasons and more stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

A Fender guitar… 8)

A painting

Booze :stuck_out_tongue:


A Fender guitar… 8)

Awesome, which one ? The telecaster is without ANY contest my fav and the best one ever.


I received some awesome gifts this year:

I got the Scorsese box set that includes Boxcar Bertha, NewYork, New York,

Last Waltz, and the Special Edition of Raging Bull

The original Manchurian Candidate

The Unrated Director’s cut of True Romance

The Big Lebowski

A Beautiful Mind


A Double Feature DVD of Deranged and Motel Hell

The original Reefer Madness with an awesome commentary by Mike Nelson from MST 3000

Sony Vegas Editing Software

A Diamond Necklace

Russian chocolate, yummy!

And fuzzy socks!

For some UN-Godly reason my family decided to make an Italian style fish dinner on Christmas Eve. It was disgusting! I will never eat fish again! My Boyfriend’s family and my best friend’s family served a more traditional fish free dinner, ham, turkey, cheesy potatoes…so that made up for the fish nightmare!

It was a hell of a good year! Except for the fish dinner and the fact that I lost my job on New Years Eve.

Oh well, more time to watch movies when I’m not job hunting. Wish me luck!


Here’s my loot:

3 Raymond Chandler books

3 Dashiell Hammett books

3 Cormac McCarthy books

The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M Cain

Barton Fink

Raising Arizona

The Royal Tenenbaums

Seven Samurai 3-disc

2 Johnny Cash CDs

Lost seasons 1-3


I’ve eaten anchovies pie 4 times in 3 days so far :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“Kilgore Trout”]
I got a new pair of cowboy boots, gift cards to The Gap, and some other shit that my wife thought that I needed. ;D

Haha, cowboy boots. Texans wearing cowboy boots is like the biggest stereotype ever. Even more so than Afro-Americans eating watermelon and fried chicken.

Plus with the Special dvd Edition of Death Proof in France, we have a special pin-ups calendar with the actresses of the movie :


Damn it. That’s so cool. I hate you. :wink:


Happy early Holidays. Go all Tarantino this season with a whole bunch of lists we compiled for you