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Chris Simonson video!


Chris Simonson video





I agree. It’s a clever fake but still fake. I didn’t get any sound when I watched the video. Did anyone else have this problem?



for sure? it’s not a deleted shot maybe?


Nice fake! :slight_smile:


I couldn’t get any sound either, but…it’s still a good fake!


for sure? it’s not a deleted shot maybe?

You can tell by the look alone. The real footage looks slightly distorted like it was ripped from a bootleg copy of the film. The Chris Simonson stuff isn’t distorted. It’s incongruent with the rest of the look. The black-and-white and lack of sound in the clip is meant to hide as much of this incongruence as possible.


I wonder wtf the purpose of that was


Haha, please…


It would be a pretty stupid idea if that scene were in the film, it takes you away for a second, it sticks out. That guy looked way too young as well, how many directors out there are that young, not many I guess.


Hey, so how was RE3? :wink:


Hey, so how was RE3? :wink:

It’s what you would expect but better. Everything about Extinction will remind you of all the bad 70s films, only instead of making them with very little budgets, they are made with huge budgets. It was interesting, I can’t say that it was bad, it really wasen’t. You should go see it, it’s only like 90 minutes long, you won’t be bored - that I can assure you!


it is a really shitty fake, QT would never make a shot like that, look at the set, the props… and the guy looks like a 17yrs old dork who can’t act a bit…


oh and also it was clearly shot on video 8)