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me and one of my freinds were sitting at school the other day and we realized that nearly everyone of our freinds was a character, in a good way as if they all had something funny about them. for example one has a serious attitude problem, one always talks with a funny voice and one struts everywhere sounds weird but then we got the idea of writing a screenplay about it, and cast the people as themselves but with obviously different names. the performances would be good because they play themselves.

if we did make a movie about it i would like to shoot it in a arrested devolpment way.

could it work?

no, unless you want to piss of all your friends and possilby lose them.

for a movie to work you generally need flawed character’s for conflict

and drama to happen (and so the characters have the illusion of being real humans). so if there playing themselves (and are EXACTLY like the charcters) you’ll have have to point out all your friend shitty qualities.

i think you’ll probally have to change more than there names.

the best thing to do is probally roughly base it on them.

anyway you’ll need a good story, so think of that first.

ps. arrested development is the greatest.

This is a great way to come up with characters for a story, though! By examining people and their behaviors, you can come up with some really classy stuff…

Many characters are still alive to this day because of this.

Yeah you can come up with characters from anything really like… I was watching “Unsolved Mysteries” where this woman got raped and went to turn the man In to cops but after she turned him In she later found the man who had raped her at a local supermarket. After that Ideas started popping In my head.Another example I was watching an episode of “Cops” where this guy was high and wrapped a lamp cord over his arm so tightly It was bleeding, you could easily put that In a drug movie. So anything Is an option really.

"no, unless you want to piss of all your friends and possilby lose them."

hard to believe but they were actually keen to a movie like this so maybe it could work.

and hell yes arrested devolpement is awesome!