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Catch my Ree's

so so so, as i mentioned in the i am back topic i made this movie

it’s about a guy coming home from buying new rebook shoes and somehow these shoes arent normal shoes…

yeah, just watch it, a bunch of friends around told me they like it :slight_smile:

i filmed it in my own house (actually my moms) 2 weeks ago on sunday in like 4 hrs

its my first (finished) film, so i still have to learn much

thanks to anyone who watches this

seb, if theres any problem with showing my movie because of some songs played in there or whatever, just tell me so and ill take it off and post the links to the people who whant to see it.

the movie’s ike 165mb big and its in wmv


let me post some pics of the movie to turn you on a little :wink: