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Cannibal: the most sickening consumer guide ever!

This British book by John Martin, published 20th August 2006, will probably have a Quentin Tarantino introduction. I’d really like to read some lines of Quentin about cannibal and mondo movies, but made the bad experience with a Howard Hawks book, which also said, there will be a Tarantino introduction, but finally hasn’t one. If someone can check this detail, it would be awesome.

where did you hear/read that it has a Tarantino intro? & had listed a Tarantino introduction, but now you’re asking the info is gone. You can find this paradoxon, if you search with google. And also look at the book cover: says “Introduction by Quentin Tarantino”.

I’ve got the book. A lot of beautiful pictures. The introduction is not really written by Tarantino, but this has to be things Quentin once said about Italian Zombie/Cannibal movies. It’s quite interesting.

what did QT say about cannibal/Zombie movies? ??? ??? ???

[quote=“kill olle”]
what did QT say about cannibal/Zombie movies? ??? ??? ???

Buy the book! :grin: