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Can anyone that wants to become a director that has creative ideas be a director

Just wondering because people say i have creative ideas but then my dad told me that Its so hard and he doesnt think i can be one because its so hard?

I’m one of those people that will give you the age old answer, that I believe in. You can do anything you put your mind to. If you want to be a director your going to have to work your ass off to become a director and then probably work harder once you do become a director. Learn to eat breath and sleep film ten times more than anyone else, you have got to fucking love this shit so much that you can taste it everywhere you walk and see it wherever your eyes roam.


A bit of luck helps too!

A bit of luck helps too!

Yeah, and one has to take the luck when it arrives. One has to really wants to be a director in order to use all the talent and skill he or she has to direct teams of artists to make his or her creative ideas into life.

So true! ;D I wonder how many future directors are on this forum? I hope im one of them!

Don’t take too much time to hope, go on writing.

Your dad is an asshole.

Damn right! He’s probably miserable and disillusioned!

He’s probably a burger flippin’ wino! hehehehehe! I kid, I kid!

Yes, don’t worry about your dad and do the things right to be a director as soon as possible

just go out there and experiment! You think you creative enough? well prove it to yourself!! pack a camera and start shooting!!

Exactamundo! All it takes is creativity, practice, patience and a lot of HARD work, with some luck thrown into the mix. Just get out there and start making films! ;D