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Yeah, the biggest problem of newcoming filmmakers…

…well my question: I might be able to get my hands on a 16mm cam. Do you guys any movies that’re entirely made on this format? Just so I can have a look at the quality of it.


Start with w/e you have, or just a cheapie mini dv camcorder, like the new 3ccd panasonics, best picture quality fo the low price of 500 bucks. Then when you have experience and feel the need that film is essential to your movie. Get a job, sell your car and belongings, and get grants from local businesses, then you will have just enough cash to make the film you’ve dreamed of making. Send it to Sundance or Cannes, make it big, then send me a million dollars for giving you the appropraite advice on becoming a world-renowned filmmaker among the likes of QT and Wes Anderson and RR!

w00t! I’m gonna be rich.