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Butch and Fabianne

when Butch is laying on top of Fabian what the hell does he do to get her to shut the fuck up?

At first I thought he just talked to her or looked at her, but as im older I think that he jabs her pussy with his fingers. Is it true? or what are your speculations.

Hahahaha. Dude, I don’t want to sound like I’m following Bullet’s or DeadNigga’s steps here by putting you down or anything. But this is really one of the dumbest topics I’ve ever seen.

well if he jabbed her “area” she would scream or slap him

so in conclusion this is a dumb topic

why the fuck would she scream? She asks him to give her oral pleasure a second later! she wouldn’t scream and slap him.

what the hell are you talking about? He was just fingering her, fuck your dumb.

FINALLY! A fucking answer that I can use! Thanx, even though you were patronizing me.

You suck, fuck you and your useless topics.

ok let this fucked up topic just die! stop posting!

  ok let this fucked up topic just die! stop posting![/quote]


Been with many chicks Rambo?

Obviously not.

HAHAHAHA, Rambo got dissed by a girl.

Damn you guys are some bitches. And constranded probably isn’t a girl in the first place! So who gives a fuck?

Calm down Chucky.

Who is Chucky?










uh, i thought chucky died

Chucky never dies. They always glue him back to shape.