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Build a Basterd

if you go to, there’s a “Bulid a Basterd” where you can create your own desptop with a couple of awesome IB backgrounds and character figures/ quotes (BJ NOVAK got some credit in this!!)

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ff9e2f.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

that’s currently my background which I myself have created

Awesome! Just made mine!

That’s pretty cool. I tried making one but I liked the backgrounds so much by themselves that I couldn’t bear to lay shit over them. I just have the theater.

I love that red dress.

Kind of a cool concept. Did mine.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 810dc0.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>


A Basterd’s night out!

They just saw Reservoir Dogs on Broadway. Awesome.

I love that red dress.


[quote=“Lt. BioBasterd”]
Awesome! Just made mine!


You Basterd! I made an exact same poster, before I saw yours :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the design of that marquee. Most American film theatres had an art moderne design.