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Brett and Marsellus Briefcase

First time posting, long time reader of the QT posts, just wondering what is a guy like Brett doing with Marsellus’ breifcase there is no indication even in the “trivia” on the DVD. Or why he has it, or what he might be doing with it anything here on the posts if there is already one sorry, I havent found one.

That’s a good question, go ask Tarantino and come back with the info.

Ask QT how the hell am I going to do that? Hey, how would you ask him, hmmm, any suggestions?

hes probably just a dorky guy who works for somebody big

like Elliot works for Lee Donowitz

What are you talking about, dorks like Qt and I and im sure everyone on thse boards, computer geeks included are cool

computergeeks weren’t cool if they looked like fucking Jack Nicholson

Back on subject please, Brett and Marsellus Briefcase, doesn’t anybody have an opinion or am i the only one that thinks its wierd that a punk like him is doing buisness with a badass like Marsellus.

well King Pins like Marsellus always use underlyings to do their dirty work, my guess is the job was something lbasic or lowly, like storing the case for a while, or being the middle man in its collection,etc. A job that needed some low-life minion to do it, but was beneath proffesional badass’ like Jules and Vincent

thats one way to put it.

Or maybe they are like this group of nerds that set up a plan, make a deal and try and run with the case…

I see them more like those guys from office space…they set up a plan that sounds genius, but fuck it up and get caught…and really have to pay for it…

and yet even another way