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Box Office Predictions

I’m just curious how much do you guys think Kill Bill 1 will make the 1st weekend?

I’ll take a stab at it…


what about in Feb? I think a lot of people will go see it again before seeing Vol 2. Will this be bigger than Pulp?

Not another speculation topic… :-/

Fine, I’ll ballpark. I’ll say it breaks the 100 million mark, or at least close. I feel confident today.

yeah I know its speculation but like I said I was curious about what you guys think. I’ve been on other boards where some people are actually predicting like 12M I dont know where they are coming from at all.

I think it will be around the 40-50 million mark. i have heard a lot of buzz and everyone around here is for sure seeing it the first day.

I hope you mean 40-50 million on opening weekend. Actually, i don’t, because it doesn’t really matter and it won’t change anything. But, if it did get that low, that would suck, very badly, for you see, that wouldn’t be all that good, no, not very good at all, your rambling.

a good mark for it would be anywhere between 40-75 mill on opening weekend. but i think it will get about 45 mill opening weekend. and through the media talking about how violent it is than more and more stupid people will go see it just to see the blood. I AM STUPID

60 mil… alot of buzz and promotions going around.

I say somewhere between 29-35 million, with probably a sharp veer off after maybe a week or two. I think Miramax will do a little better than break even after the release of Volume 2. Its not that I don’t have faith in QT or the movie, its just that I don’t place any faith in the average person.

I predict a 25 million opening weekend, but strong word-of-mouth should eventually get Volume 1 over the 75 million mark I believe. Volume 2 will make about the same earnings - maybe a little less due to the absence of the ones that hated Vol. 1. All in all, I believe this movie will make LOADS of profits.

Overall I hope it grosses over 200 million @ the box office.

But it is real violent; so who knows.

I strongly doubt it will make $200 m but I will see it three times so that’s a guaranteed $18

Considering that the only real contender is the Coens’ “Intolerable Cruelty”; I think it’s gonna be pretty big on opening weekend.

I reckon its gonna be around 50 mill, not more then 60 mill

coz its certificate 18 (dont know what that translates to in America).

But it wont be over 60 million :-/

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Here’s one for Box Office Predictions.



There is NO WAY it will gross less than 150 million dollars in the US. If Terminator 3 did it, this one will.

But the first poster said for the “opening weekend”.

Overall, erm, I guess the 150 milion mark is my prediction.

But I reckon its gonna make about 200 million outside US.

350 mill overall eint bad! And thats only Vol.1!

Plus the DVDs!!!

And then there is Volume 2!

Maaaan, Miramax have struck gold…

Are we talking about the American box office from teh 10th through the 12th?

Let’s be realistic. They advertised and pumped up ‘The Hulk’ for a full year before its release. When it finally came out, the audiences packed in and resulted in a gross of 62 million in the first weekend.

Now, let’s analyze the differences.

Hulk has the appeal of several million followers (comic book lovers everwhere)

Tarantino has the appeal of a questional number of followers (although not nearly as many)

The Hulk was rated PG-13 (thus, kids were able to go, and they flocked)

Kill Bill is rated R (and word of mouth that it is the most violent movie of all time isn’t going to make American PTA moms let their kids go).

Kill Bill, while in the long run will probably benefit from the underexposure (until this week), will SUFFER from underexposure in the first week.

I predict that there is a GOOD chance that Kill Bill will gross more money the second week it is out (people re-seeing it, and word of mouth spreading about the quality; not to mention people who have to see it just for the blood).

My prediction for first week: 25 M

You really did your research homie. Good job. But I still think that this movie will still gross at least 40 million in the first weekend here in the states. There is a lot of buzz now and here in my small town in Lubbock, Texas of 210,000 people, which a lot are college students that go to Texas tech, a lot of us are rallying. And not to mention the theatres here know that it is going to be a big one, too. Tickets are already on sale, for the first show on Friday Oct. 10th at 9:35 A.M. I bought 10 yesterday. Here in Lubbock they have done that for very few movies, like Matrix 2 and X2, which both grossed close to 50 mill. their first weekend at the box office. But we will see, I could be wrong, but we will find out come Oct. 13.

I agree that it will do about 25 million the opening weeked, but remain a steady earner. It should at least perform as well as Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Not that numbers matter.

The buzz on this thing is starting to get deafening with a lot of early naysayer critics changing their tunes. If it is as good as the recent hype, it could clean up. Don’t discount the Tarantino hype machine, he’s been out of the public eye for so long, people are curious.