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Bo Svenson as Reverand Harmony

Hi There,

I don’t know if this has been posted yet, but here goes:

I was over at and saw under the cast of “Kill Bill” that “Walking Tall’s” stick wielding, ass kicker Bo Svenson is cast in the role of Reverand Harmony.

So, on goes the casting of excellent genre actors that have a great meaning to Tarantino and us fans.

Good news.

1. is not an official source, lots of shit is available to read there. they have 2 sofie fatale in there because they are too lazy to update. i always send stuff to them but they never update it soon enough.

2. the early script didn’t have a Reverend Harmony in it but it could be that the “massacre at two pines” (the initial church scene) of the latest draft has it in there.

Sheriff Buford Pusser as Reverend Harmony at the Massacre at Two Pines chapter in Kill Bill?


QT is getting all his favorite exploitation film actors in this flick!

It’s a fact, dude!

Check out Bo Svenson’s official homepage:

[quote]It’s a fact, dude!

Check out Bo Svenson’s official homepage:[/quote]


I guess I’m either too young or too much of an exploitation amateur to have heard of the man, but if you guys say he’s an excellent genre actor I’ll go right ahead and do my little good news-dance. Does this mean that there is no more Reverend Hillhouse, though ?

I was reading this article about Bo last night and lo and behold, the interviewer told Bo Quentins a big fan of his. Then Bo says: He’d like to hear from Quentin sometime. Looks like QT saw the interview huh? :slight_smile:

By the way, Bo was in one of QTs favorite movies, called “Inglorious Bastards”. :slight_smile:

Check out the article here:

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was that the one you sent me? really interesting. I guess the only things from his filmography i’ve seen is Speed 2 and Hearbreak Ridge… haven’t heard of that guy before.

you know, weeks ago someone from Sweden emailed me and told me he’s in Kill Bill, but I didn’t know about a Reverend Harmony so I didn’t really check it out, I wrote it down though.

be cool, AMEN

I think it’s great that another legendary exploitation actor is in Kill Bill.I remember Bo the most as Pusser in the Walking Tall sequels,and as the captain of the hijacked plane in Delta Force.In Delta Force he co- starred with Robert Forster.

I urge every exploitation fan to see Delta Force!

alex’s website has a picture of Bo Svension alias Reverend Harmony and QT on the set.

[quote]alex’s website has a picture of Bo Svension alias Reverend Harmony and QT on the set.[/quote]

Damn! Thats a great close up shot of QT and Bo :slight_smile:

If Alex can get set pics like that, why couldnt Harry from AICN take some pics for us when he was in China?!

because harry is a fat b*** i think he spent more time with those asian masseuses than on the set ;-))

[quote]because harry is a fat b*** i think he spent more time with those asian masseuses than on the set ;-))[/quote]


There’s some comments by Svenson on his official site about how he liked working on KILL BILL:

“Working with Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill is the finest experience of my professional life. Quentin is incredibly gracious, creative and daring, and he will undoubtedly set a new filmed entertainment industry standard with Kill Bill,” Bo Svenson comments regarding his turn as the Preacher in Quentin Tarantino’s 4th film which will have its world premiere at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.

“I cannot say enough good things about Kill Bill, Quentin, producer Lawrence Bender and his staff, the cast, and the crew. Uma Thurman is absolutely amazing as the Bride. And it was a treat to also work with Samuel L. Jackson in a cameo as the Organ Player and to be reunited with David Carradine and Michael Madsen, both of whom I have worked with as an actor as well as director.”

Aaron - your signature is correct. I’m a grad student at UCLA and I had to look up who Antonio Margheriti is. :slight_smile:

i interviewed Bo Svenson. Although he’s not a friend of long phrases, it’s quite an informative interview.

I agree with tony… I might be too young b/c I just cannot picture Bo Svenson at all I read his filmography(which is long as shit BTW) and apparently played mad bad asses for decades which makes me wonder whether or not he would have played a better bill. All you Carrodine fans don’t bother me with your bullshit. It was just a question… North Dallas forty is the Shit but I know I have never seen walking tall ever. ;D :wink:

me neither. never seen walking tall. as far as i know all i’ve seen is some of those Delta Force flicks…

  1. i am still very young 2. the video store situation is shitty here in german 3. i only have 5 tv channels, therefore i have a very limited offer of non-mainstream movies…

    but that all will change after kill bill :wink:

From about walking tall:

“Hixploitation” drama, based on true events in the life of Tennessee sheriff Buford Pusser, who “removes” corruption in his county with a four-foot-long wooden club. When the criminals attack his family, Buford shoots a whorehouse manager in thehead and runs hillbilly gangsters over with his car.

Reeks of bill to me… ;D :wink:

in the bootleg trailer you could se an extremely comfy Bo Svenson talking to the to-be marrieds… I think that’s a HUGE step from Buford Pusser to that chaplain :wink: