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Bloody Nova

If anybody’s got $2,000+ to spend, somebody is selling the 1974 Chevy Nova from Pulp on eBay (where Marvin gets shot in the face). It’s authenticated, and an AMAZING collectors item.

Good Luck!

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Holy shit! Two thousand bucks is not that expensive for such an awesome item; but still I can’t afford it :’( What will E-bay sell next? A Jack Rabbit Slims restaurant?

haha, thats pretty funny.

Seems like he didn’t get his reserve met.  Is that the same type of car Mr. White and Mr. Orange steal in Resevoir Dogs? ÂÂ

That would be a cool thing to own, though I’d rather buy Vincent’s Malibu!  I heard that was Tarantino’s car and he had it stolen from him.

Edit:I mean the Malibu was Tarantino’s, not the Nova.

My first car was a restored 72’ Nova. Coolest fucking car I ever had.